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Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 98 / 6
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CC-Link IE Field Network Basic and PROFINET interoperability

The launch of CC-Link IE Field Network Basic and the delivery of the interoperability specification between CC-Link IE and PROFINET underscores the association′s commitment to openness, accessibility and connectivity.

Basic Mode is the latest addition to the family of CLPA network technologies. It brings CC-Link IE to 100Mbit devices, and is achieved via implementing only software at both master and device level, without hardware changes. The principal aim of the new technology is to greatly increase the accessibility of CC-Link IE to vendors whose devices don′t currently support gigabit connections. Basic Mode is also compatible with TCP/IP and UDP/IP based Ethernet technology, maximising its interoperability with other Ethernet based devices and services. A new interoperability specification for CC-Link IE and PROFINET was launched at SPS 2016. The new document has been produced by a joint working group within a year of the announcement, displaying the two organisations′ commitment to delivering on promises for increased integration for end users. The specification serves both users in Asian and European markets, with increased levels of transparency and moving toward the realisation of concepts such as Industry 4.0.

Industry news by CC-Link Partner Association.

Source: Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 98 / 6
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