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Industrial Ethernet diagnostics


Industrial Ethernet diagnostics

Procentec has launched Atlas, an Industrial Ethernet diagnostics tool designed to prevent unexpected and expensive downtime in industrial networks. Over the past decade, network systems have grown increasingly complex, making the task of monitoring increasingly difficult. Atlas is tdesigned to bring clarity to monitoring and diagnosing of Industrial Ethernet networks.

Atlas contains several features to make it an effective tool for everyone in industrial automation who is involved with reducing downtime. It has a dynamic interactive topology, which shows all devices in the network and how they’re connected. This also includes information on all separate devices, using status icons according to NAMUR standard. The Topology can be visualized in two different ways: the galaxy view, which is a comprehensive overview of the complete network, and the more traditional hierarchical tree view.

Another interesting feature is the Q-Factor. This is a weighted algorithm used to give a score about the quality of the network. It is computed from all connected devices in the network, but there is also a Q-Factor included for individual devices. This Q-Factor can be visualized with a number from 0 to 5000 according to the Automotive standard, or from 0 to 100% as a relative display of the quality of the network. Also included is a traffic light display, which is less detailed but allows a simple overview of network status in three colors.
Atlas also featuresa customizable dashboard, alarm notifications, USB 2.0-support, an an SD Card slot



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