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ETG welcomes 500th member in Japan


ETG welcomes 500th member in Japan

At the annual member meeting, the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) has welcomed Suruga Seiki, a leading provider of optical test and measurement systems, as its 500th member company in Japan.

In the 2nd quarter in 2017 the EtherCAT Technology Group was able to reach two milestones in its membership development: First, the ETG which has been established in Germany in 2003, now counts 2000 members in Europe, and second the 500th member has joined the organization in Japan. In total, more than 4,400 companies, universities and other institutions are now ETG members worldwide. The honoring ceremony for Suruga Seiki was conduced during this year’s ETG Member Meeting in Yokohama, Japan, at the beginning of July. Martin Rostan, Executive Director of the ETG, and Masanori Obata, Manager ETG Office Japan, presented Takeshi Marui, president of Suruga Seiki, with an official membership certificate.

Takeshi Marui explained how his company discovered EtherCAT: “Two years ago, EtherCAT has been explained to us at Hannovermesse in Germany. The technology was so convincing that we decided to use it in a first step. Now we also develop own devices with EtherCAT interface. We’re happy to be part of the EtherCAT community.” Martin Rostan added: “Japan is said to be a very demanding and challenging automation market. The fact that EtherCAT has become the leading industrial Ethernet system here speaks for itself. Thus we’re glad, that our technology does not only convince SURUGA SEIKI but many more companies all over the world: the ETG membership growth does not only continue but further accelerates. In the last 12 months we welcomed almost 600 new members.

Photo (from left): Martin Rostan, Executive Director ETG, Takeshi Marui, President of Suruga Seiki, Naohito Fukazawa, General Manager Stage Division, Suruga Seiki, Masanori Obata, Representative and Technologist ETG Office Japan


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