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Beckhoff MX System

Controller becomes modular control cabinet

The new MX-System from Beckhoff offers a major enhancement in the construction of a control cabinet.

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Moxa Banner IEB SPS IIOT Expert Talk Crosser

Moxa and Crosser join forces for IT/OT edge convergence

IIoT Expert Talk broadcasts at SPS 2021.

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Centralized management of edge computing across sites delivers substantial efficiency gains.

Benefits and potential of edge computing

Industrial edge computing can mean data are processed locally and never leave the site, or data can be …

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Partial Emerald 66 architecture.

From warehouse to enterprise with edge computing

New hand sanitizer packaging plant uses unique automation architecture to run at the pace of modern business. A …

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System Diagram

IIoT solution moves beyond the boundaries of drive technology

A new holistic technology covers all aspects advancing the use and connectivity of smart motors. Offering a solution …

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AriZona wanted a comprehensive solution for HMI, SCADA and MES that would connect to its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

AriZona’s new plant connects SCADA/MES with ERP

The AriZona Beverages plant will produce more than 60 million cases per year. The connection to ERP is …

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The measured values come from a structure-borne sound transmitter located on the pump body, a pressure transmitter connected to a pressure measuring bore, and a rotary encoder adapted either directly via the crank shaft or the engine. Here you can see the pressure transmitter.

Smart Monitoring Tracks Pump Operation and Analytics

A new monitoring system from LEWA makes operators more effective and pumps smart-factory-ready.

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SPE switch for installation outside the control cabinet

Single Pair Ethernet has Landed in the Field Level

Single-pair Ethernet (SPE) is a megatrend in automation technology. Using a simple twisted-pair cable as the communication medium …

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