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New RFID communication modules New RFID communication modules
Following the successful introduction of the Simatic RFID com­munication modules, Siemens is launching two additional devices on the market, the Simatic RF186CI and RF188CI. Read more...

Driving Industry 4.0 with CC-Link IE Driving Industry 4.0 with CC-Link IE
As businesses are embarking on their journeys to build the Factory of the Future, Phoenix Contact is committed in helping its customers with futureproof solutions. Ensuring CLPA conformance for their CC-Link IE compatible network devices is a key aspect of Phoenix Contact’s strategy. Read more...

Industrial Internet of Things with MQTT and IO-Link Industrial Internet of Things with MQTT and IO-Link
IO-Link technology from Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol lets users work with standards like EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, PROFINET IO and OPC UA, and also supports MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport). Read more...


New Products

AX58100 AX58100
AX58100 integrates two embedded Fast Ethernet PHYs, SPI Master, PWM/ABZ/Hall Encoder, Digital I/O, etc. interfaces to provide a simple design and cost... Read more...

AX88179 AX88179
AX88179 is the world's first USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet controller which integrates USB 3.0 PHY and 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet MAC/PHY in a sin... Read more...

AX88796C AX88796C
The AX88796C is a SPI or non-PCI Ethernet controller with low power, low-pin-count and variable voltage I/O for the Embedded and Industrial Ethernet a... Read more...

Siemens IWLAN – the WLAN for challenging industrial applications

Technical Articles (Current Issue 113 - July 2019)

  The end of the Fieldbus Wars?

  Is 5G already robust enough for industry?

  Cloud-based platforms to drive factory simulation software

  Simplified Ethernet for rail metro networks using TSN

  Parameterization & monitoring of Ethernet Hart devices

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The MECHATROLINK Members Association (MMA) is a group of product developers and users who promote the use of the MECHATROLINK motion field network. All members support the construction and promotion of a larger MECHATROLINK family.

MECHATROLINK Members Association
Tel: +81-4-2962-7920

Regional offices
MMA Germany
Tel: +49-6196-569420

MMA Korea
Tel: +82-2-368-8875

MMA China - Shanghai
Tel: +86-21-53852070

MMA China - Shenyang
Tel: +86-24-24966008

Tel: +1-847-887-7231

MMA Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-8913-1778

MMA India
Tel: +91-80-4244-1920

MECHATROLINK - Technical overview
MECHATROLINK is an open field network that connects a controller with a variety of devices. High-speed communications and data synchronization are provided to increase system speed and provide advanced functionality. Moreover, MECHATROLINK uses simple cable connections to reduce wiring, downsize the system, and enable easy system expansion.
Because MECHATROLINK is an open network, there are many different MECHATROLINK compatible devices available on the market that can be flexibly combined to suit your application. Furthermore, you can freely develop your own master and slave devices for MECHATROLINK. Using MECHATROLINK is highly recommended to quickly achieve a variety of mechanical operations simply and at a low cost.

Positioning of MECHATROLINK
MECHATROLINK is positioned as a Field Network. A Field Network is a network that drives control elements of control system such as I/Os and actuators, and allows devices for input control information to be connected.

MECHATROLINK has been used in diverse applications, such as those for machine tools, industrial robots, machines for mounting electronic parts and machines for transferring. It is especially suitable for synchronous and interpolated motion control. MECHATROLINK enables control of torque, positioning, and velocity, all of which are necessary to control your machine. Also, the control modes for velocity, torque, and position can be switched while the machine is running, so you can perfectly control the machine’s complex motions.

Network Reliability
MECHATROLINK is the only field network that utilizes a “data retry” function processed and executed by the communications chip.
The communication chip resends data that has become corrupted by noise, within the same communication cycle. This results in the communications having a strong resistance to noise. Since this “data retry” function is processed and executed by the communications chip, application-sided code is not necessary to take advantage of this feature.

MMA has grown to over 2000 members globally and membership is free of charge. Join MMA as a Registered Member today to download the communication specification and access all the technical materials at

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