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Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 95 / 27
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SPIDER III Unmanaged Switches

Belden The new SPIDER III family line of unmanaged switches utilizes Hirschmann′s latest technology. Depending on the specific needs of industrial networks, customers can select from the standard or premium lines to deliver reliable communication in harsh environments.

The SPIDER III family of switches enables network administrators to reliably transmit data across long distances, while remaining cost-effective. The plug-and-play capabilities also make them easy to install and maintain. Specific benefits of the two lines include an entry-level, cost-effective option, and compact-sized devices that offer up to eight fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet ports to accommodate future data and speed requirements.

For networks with unique or evolving needs, the SPIDER III premium line offers robust, completely customizable features. Customers can configure some switching parameters via a USB port by utilizing an easy-to-use, free software tool. To enable its use in more markets, the premium switches are housed in a highly ruggedized metal casing with an optional protective coating and meet additional industry standards and certifications.

The SPIDER III switches are targeting use in manufacturing, machine building, solar power and traffic control industries. The premium line also offers specific features to meet the approvals needed for use in the process automation, transportation and marine industries.


Source: Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 95 / 27
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