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Programming cloud for IoT


Programming cloud for IoT

Libelium presents a cloud software service to enhance its wireless sensor platform with intelligence based solutions. The company has released the Programming Cloud Service that is designed to reduce development costs, increase security and speed up the time to market of Waspmote and Waspmote Plug & Sense! users by removing both the code training and the "try and test" stages in the deployment process.

The new tool allows to create binary files for the Libeliumīs Plug & Sense! sensor nodes in minutes by just filling in an online form with all the working options like sleeping cycle, data to include in the sensor frame, Cloud destination URL, networking options, etc. "After more than 10 years of experience in one of the most complete IoT programming APIīs in the world, we have realized that our clients looks for simplicity: they just want to use the full programming potential in one click. This is how we came with the idea of relaying all this complexity to a Cloud service that could create code and compile it for them in seconds", says David Gascón, Libeliumīs CTO.

Due to the importance of security in the IoT, it is crucial for companies managing real deployments to have the ability to configure nodes correctly and easily with the appropriate encryption options. The Programming Cloud Service creates the binary files based on tested source codes generated during years by the Libelium engineering team. Then it generates the algorithm specified by the user and compile it on the Cloud using the last version of the API and libraries. This way users can be confident that all the binaries generated contains all the improvements of the latest API versions. Libelium offers different types of licenses for small, medium and large IoT deployments.



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