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Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 104 / 56
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Ovation OCC100 controller

Emerson: The new Ovation OCC100 controller extends technology by managing the flow of energy from various sources to ensure continuous, reliable power generation for small-scale and remote applications.

With renewable electricity capacity expected to expand by over 920 gigawatts, an increase of 43 percent through 2022 according to a 2017 International Energy Agency report, the OCC100 controller is particularly attractive to power generators with growing and diverse renewable generation portfolios (including hydro, solar and wind) and microgrids that rely on a variety of distributed energy resources.

The OCC100 offers remote monitoring and control capabilities for wind farms spread out over a wide geographic area and the ability to operate in the higher ambient temperatures associated with solar facilities. For microgrids, it provides a single point of control for performance optimization. Similarly, the new controller efficiently monitors and controls remote pump stations critical to collecting, treating, storing and distributing water to homes and businesses.

Today, power generation, water and wastewater facilities often rely on non-integrated programmable logic controllers (PLCs) with limited functionality to automate smaller, stand-alone equipment or processes. These islands of automation limit broad information-sharing necessary for optimal operational efficiency.


Source: Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 104 / 56
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