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Leoni highlights importance of Gigabit Ethernet


Leoni highlights importance of Gigabit Ethernet

Leoni, a global provider of energy and data management solutions, is committed to developing and manufacturing systems that meet the highest quality standards. In line with this goal, their ever-growing offering of CC-Link IE and CC-Link compatible cables undergoes CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) conformance testing.

As one of the largest global providers of optical fibres, cables, assembled systems, intelligent products and smart services, Leoni offers products and solutions to different sectors, including automotive, healthcare, transport, process industries and factory automation. Hartmut Fischer, Head of Sales, Automation and Drives at Leoni explains: “We produce more than 1.5 million assemblies per year for our top OEMs and we have helped many of them to increase their revenue and profits. We have an interconnected engineering and manufacturing system that enables us to offer a localised service, no matter where our customers are, and maintain consistent quality standards. This makes us the preferred supplier for many OEMs.

As part of its policy to support its global customers with high-quality products and solutions that adhere to well-accepted network protocols, Leoni certifies all its CC-Link IE and CC-Link cables to CLPA specifications. “We provide certified cables for CC-Link fieldbus and CC-Link IE Field industrial Ethernet standards. We certify our cables to prove to our customers that our quality is in line with the network protocol standards specified by the CLPA,” says Fischer. “We are happy that the CLPA exists and offers high quality cable standards that are globally accepted.

As the CLPA family of open industrial technologies is very popular in Asia, ensuring conformance with it is important for Leoni’s customers in the region as well as for any businesses that are connected to the Asian market. Furthermore, CC-Link IE and CC-Link are becoming increasingly popular in the Americas and Europe, as the number of installed devices globally is showing double digit annual growth. Leoni highly values CC-Link IE for its gigabit bandwidth too. Hartmut Fischer comments: “Gigabit Ethernet is very important for Leoni, as in the automation world, the data volume is rapidly increasing, caused by vision systems, Industry 4.0 and TSN network protocols.

Photo: Certificate handover from Mr. Masaki Kawazoe (CLPA Global Director) to Mr. Marcus Pflug (Leoni, Director Business Group Industrial Solutions)


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