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M12 Push-Pull with inner locking


M12 Push-Pull with inner locking

The push-pull version of the M12 connector with inner locking from Yamaichi Electronics is the first such design which has been defined as an international standard (IEC 61076-2-012). Therefore, M12 push-pull design-ins are now possible without using proprietary solutions.

The cable-side connector of the Yamaichi M12 connector engages deep into the device socket from the inside with locking hooks. As a result, the push-pull system requires only the same installation space as an M12 connection with screw locking. This makes it possible to completely insert the M12 socket into a device, e.g. to integrate it into a distribution box, aligned flush with its housing. The system is IP65 / IP67 water and dust proof and uses independent sealing concepts for screw-type and push-pull connector.

The particularly long locking hooks of the cable connector are supported by the threaded segments of the device socket. This makes the system mechanically robust, and offers significant advantages when subjected to torsional loads and rotational forces.

The wall-mount socket can still be mated with conventional M12 connectors with screw locking. Therefore, users are not necessarily dependent on a special cable connector and thus remain flexible.


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