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Magazine Advertising

Plan your Industrial Ethernet Book advertising early, as there are only a few premium positions.
The earlier you book, the better the options.

Double page spread €6290 $8860
Inside Front Cover €5290 $7240
Outside Back Cover €5290 $7240
Full page €4390 $6200
Island €3250 $4580
Half page exclusive* €3100 $4380
Half page   €2850 $3980
1/3 page exclusive*   €2750 $3860
1/3 page €2600 $3550
Quarter page €2080 $2550

 * 1/2 and 1/3 exclusive: Ad on a full editorial spread with no other ads.
- Dollar rates are offered only as a guide.
- Advertisers should reconfirm prices, based on current Euro exchange rate, at time of booking.
- Special positions, sizes or requirements add 10%.
- Prices the same for mono and colour.

Double page spread 286 x 426mm (width) includes 3mm for bleed
Full page 286 x 216mm (width) includes 3mm for bleed
Island or solace 185 x 120mm (width)
Half page vertical 252 x 85mm (width)
Half page horizontal 120 x 185mm (width)
1/3 vertical 255 x 65mm (width) or 286 x 75mm (width) to bleed on 3 sides, including 3mm for bleed
Quarter page 120 x 85mm (width)

Material Specifications
We accept advertisements in any of the following file types:
- CMYK TIF file with a minimum resolution of 300dpi (118dots/cm), 600dpi recommended for best reproduction quality.
- TIF files sent to the IEB production department by electronic transfer should be compressed before transmission. Either LZW, ZIP or HQX compression formats may be used.
- JPEG file with an expanded minimum resolution of 300dpi (118dots/cm), 600dpi recommended for best reproduction quality.
- PDF file produced by Adobe Acrobat Distiller with job options set as ‘PREPRESS’ and compatibility Adobe Acrobat v5.0.

We do not accept Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand or Pagemaker files in native file format. Artwork created using these graphics and layout programs must be saved using an export mode into one of the four permissible file types listed above.

All materials should be directed to An ftp server is available to upload materials. Details are available on request.

PUBLICATION DATE Please refer to the editorial calendar in the media guide
CANCELLATION 7 weeks preceding publication date
IMPORTANT Cancellation must be made in writing for the attention of the Advertising Manager

Special Promotional Opportunities
The Industrial Ethernet Book can be used in many ways to promote your products or services to an international audience. We will consider proposals for loose or bound inserts, special production runs, tip-on items, advertorials etc.

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