Beckhoff: System-integrated overcurrent protection with EtherCAT
Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 112 / 30
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Mini media converters

AMG Systems: Housed in a mini chassis, AMG′s new Mini media converters are designed for connecting field-based equipment to Ethernet networks over long distances via fibre. The media converter is specially designed to be robust enough to withstand the challenging extremes of temperature which can face security and transport camera and device installations.

Ruggedised 9HMEC Mini media converters are small enough to be installed in the confined spaces provided by camera poles and street cabinets, and tough enough to operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to 70°C. The converters provide a 100Mbps or Gigabit Ethernet uplink across fibre via the SFP port, providing a hardened, cost-effective means of converting IP signals for transport over long distances across all types of fibre cabling.

The mini media converters are DIN rail-mountable, meaning they are quick to install and easy to remove for maintenance purposes, and because they are non-programmable there is no need for any user configuration or computer-based set-up. The converters offer an optional Link Fault Forwarding (LFF) feature, which allows a pair of media converters to share their link status.

AMG Systems

Source: Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 112 / 30
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