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SPS IPC Drives 2015 Show Report

Show Report - Live News - Photos - Videos - Product Highlights

Many in the industry consider SPS IPC Drives to be Europe’s leading meeting point and innovation platform for electric automation. This year more than 1,600 exhibitors from Germany and abroad, including all key players of the industry, present products and solutions as well as pioneering technologies for the future. Industrie 4.0 is one of the topics in focus on many booths.

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SPS IPC Drives 2015: More than 1,600 exhibitors present automation products and solutions.
(Photo: Mesago)

„Industrie 4.0 Area” in hall 3A

For the first time SPS IPC Drives offers the „Industrie 4.0 Area“, in hall 3A. Here the visitors get a comprehensive overview of the Industrie 4.0 concept – the networked and continuous digital production.
The Forum and joint stand “Automation meets IT” present data based business models and IT based automation solutions on the way into the digital production of the future. The joint stand “MES goes Automation” shows order transactions and production processes being optimized by the use of MES. Finally, the „Industrie 4.0 Area“ also includes a special exhibit on SmartFactoryKL, which illustrates the intelligent factory across different manufacturers.
The German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI) and the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) offer presentations by leading industry experts and podium discussions on key industry issues.

Live News

Get the latest news from SPS IPC Drives 2015 before, during and after the event.

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SPS IPC Drives Product Highlights

Here are some of the new products and solutions introduced at SPS IPC Drives 2015.

Fully enclosed, flexible HMI panels

The new generation of B&R swing arm operator panels provide flexibility and modularity.
The fully enclosed Automation Panel 5000 systems have IP65 protection and are available in many different variants. These B&R Automation Panels allow either pendant or pedestal mounting and can be changed directly on-site. In addition, the panels are cabled through the swing arm using inexpensive standard cables. This is even possible with installed panels since all elements are easy to access. Cabling becomes even easier when using Smart Display Link 3 thanks to the slim RJ45 connector. Up to 100 meters can be spanned between the PC and the panel.

The fully enclosed B&R Automation Panel 5000 systems have IP65 protection and are available in different versions.

Fast communication and power in one cable

With EtherCAT P, Beckhoff presents a technology that unites EtherCAT communication and power functions in a standard, 4-wire Ethernet cable. The space-saving technology integrates the 24 V DC supply of the EtherCAT P slaves with the signals and data from connected sensors and actuators. In addition, the system electrically isolates the US (system and sensor supply) and UP (peripheral voltage for actuators) from each other, each with up to 3 A of current for the connected components.
All the benefits of EtherCAT are retained, such as: the free choice of network topology, high speed, optimum bandwidth utilisation, telegram processing on-the-fly, highly precise synchronisation and extensive diagnostics.

EtherCAT P integrates EtherCAT communication, as well as the system and peripheral voltage, in one cable.

Secure remote access for industrial networks

Belden now offers a simple and secure way to provide remote network access, programming and diagnostics with the new Hirschmann Secure Remote Access Solution. This combined hardware and software system helps companies leverage the increased connection of devices brought on by the Industrial Internet of Things. The Secure Remote Access Solution is a partnership between Belden and Secomea.
At the core of the Secure Remote Access Solution is Secomea’s GateManager, a cloud service which enables customers to connect their operator stations to their remote devices. LinkManager software running on PCs or mobile devices connects operator stations to the cloud. SiteManager software running on PCs or the Hirschmann GECKO connects the remote devices to the cloud.

Belden offers secure remote access for industrial networks.

Asian-European network collaboration

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) and PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) have announced a close collaboration with the objective of promoting and disseminating the use of open industrial networks. As users aspire to be ready for Industry 4.0 or the Industrial Internet of Things based manufacturing systems easy integration of various networks, such as CC-Link IE and PROFINET, is essential for this.
With their cooperation, CLPA and PI aim to enable transparent and easy bi-directional communication between CC-Link IE and PROFINET devices through standardized interfaces. To this end a joint working group is being established to develop the necessary technical specifications to achieve this goal.

The collaboration between CLPA and PI is expected to have a profound impact on European companies building machines for sale in Asia..

Connecting Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet

The UNIGATE CM CANopen gateway series Deutschmann Automation is designed as an Industry 4.0 core component.
The gateways link devices, which operate internally with CAN or CANopen and are to be connected to other popular Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet systems. With the Deutschmann developed software WINGATE, the components can be quickly and easily configured and immediately be put into operation. The compact IP20 module with dimensions of 23 mm x 115 mm x 100 mm can be easily mounted on the DIN rail.

UNIGATE CM CANopen gateways connect CAN or CANopen devices to Industrial Ethernet systems.

OPC UA companion specification for POWERLINK

Together, POWERLINK and OPC UA are integrating communication from the sensor layer to the ERP layer – without any interfaces whatsoever. The OPC Foundation and the Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group (EPSG) are already working on the necessary companion specification.
Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) require seamless and consistent communication both within the digital factory as well as externally to cloud-based services and other Internet technologies. EPSG and OPC Foundation work to implement a common definition for open interfaces between their technologies, in order to meet these requirements.

Thomas J. Burke, president of the OPC Foundation (left). and Stefan Schönegger, managing director of the EPSG, pledge intensive cooperation.

Commissioning made easier

eWON has added a number of features to its Cosy and Flexy lines of industrial M2M Routers. The Cosy 131 now features an SD Card slot for simplified configuration, backup/restore, and Talk2M autoregistration. With the geolocalization feature, users can now find and monitor their eWON nodes with the help of a map within eCatcher.
The M2Web platform is now available with custom branding. Users can customize it with their colors and logo, and integrate it into their website, allowing easy access for their clients.

The eWON line of M2M routers has become even more flexible.

Multi-network support

One highlight from HMS is the new new IXXAT INPACT PC card family with multi-network support (PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Powerlink and Modbus TCP).
Clients can choose between protocol-specific cards and a common Ethernet version for all Ethernet networks. With its low latency and deterministic real-time behavior, INpact is well suited for demanding industrial applications. INpact is available with standard or low-profile slot-brackets for compact industrial systems to enable the best possible integration. The multi-network capability of INpact is based on HMS’ Anybus CompactCom technology used within millions of automation devices globally. The network connection is made through a 2-port Ethernet interface (10/100 Mbit, RJ45), which also supports protocol specific switch functions – such as IRT for PROFINET, DLR for EtherNet/IP and Hub for Powerlink.

The IXXAT INPACT PC card family supports PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Powerlink and Modbus TCP.

Highly secure industrial protocol solutions

Microsemi announced the availability of HMS's Anybus CompactCom 40-series products for industrial Ethernet solutions based on Microsemi's SmartFusion2 system-on-chip (SoC) field programmable gate array (FPGA) device. The highly secure device is designed to offer customers lower total cost of ownership and accelerated time-to-market with low power and secure industrial Ethernet protocol conversion solutions on a single SmartFusion2 FPGA platform.
Microsemi's highly secure SmartFusion2 SoC FPGA offers layered hardware and software solutions to protect the IP, platform, manufacturing flow and data layer according to a customer's specific needs. Should customers need to connect their industrial Ethernet boards to a larger network, Microsemi offers Ethernet switches and PHYs, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) integrated circuits (ICs) and midspan products to complement HMS's industrial Ethernet solutions.

Microsemi's SmartFusion2 SoC FPGA device promises lower total cost of ownership and accelerated time-to-market.

Security router for process engineering

Security is becoming an increasingly important topic in process engineering. With the new mGuard security router Innominate and Phoenix Contact have designed a solution to meet these demands.
The security router meets both the demanding standards for process industry hardware and for IT security products. In terms of hardware features include an extended temperature range of -40 to +70 °C, IECEx and ATEX approvals for hazardous areas, and the testing for airborne contaminant gases to ISA-S71.04-1985 G3 Harsh Group A. With regard to the software, the additional security component OPC Inspector for the OPC Classic protocol, which is widely used in the industry, has been integrated alongside the well-known mGuard security functions.

The mGuard security router is designed for cybersecurity in process engineering.

Integrated solutions for manufacturing industries

Mitsubishi Electric responds to today’s automation demands with many proven in-house technologies and solutions. These include PLCs, Computerized Numerical Controls (CNC), servo motion, robotics, inverters, human machine interfaces (HMI) and related energy saving technologies and its e-F@ctory concept.
The demand for better quality products, almost immediate availability and more product variants is constantly growing: Traceability, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), and resource management for example are becoming increasingly important for innovative companies. Mitsubishi Electric’s live Applications at the show will presents solutions addressing the needs of the automation, power and process sectors.

The fe-F@ctory concept is part of Mitsubishi Electric's solutions for today’s automation demands.

Panel computer for oil & gas applications

The Moxa Zone 2 panel computer, the EXPC-1519, is designed especially for use in oil and gas installations and any other mission-critical operation where onsite control and visibility is imperative. It features a 19-inch, 1000-nits sunlight readable LCD with projected capacitive multi-touch screen that can be operated with rigger’s gloves, offering the dexterity of a consumer tablet, while enduring the most extreme of environments.
Equipped with high performance Intel 3rd generation Core i7-3555LE or Celeron 1047UE CPU and up to 2.5GHz processor, the EXPC-1519 offers the computing functionality required for advanced SCADA applications. The optional WLAN module/antenna and 100M Fiber optic connection, allows the EXPC-1519 to integrate reliably with any network infrastructure.

The Moxa EXPC-1519 panel computer is certified to Class 1 Division 2, ATEX Zone 2, IECEx and totally sealed NEMA 4X/IP66.

Industrial open cloud platform

Siemens is expanding its open platform "Siemens Cloud for Industry" to form the basis of new digital business models for industrial companies.
The new Connector Box is a Simatic IPC-based cloud gateway that transmits machine and system data easily and securely to the Cloud. With this solution it is possible to extract and transmit data from control and drive systems from Siemens and 3rd party suppliers. The data is then available for evaluation on the platform, which uses SAP HANA Cloud Platform technology. Siemens offers two powerful web services for analysis: Visual Analyzer and Fleet Manager. Users can assess the states of machines and systems and optimize them. In the future, users will be able to use the Siemens Cloud for Industry, which is designed as an open ecosystem, to develop their own web services. These can be used as the basis for their own digital services, such as predictive maintenance, energy data management and resource optimization.

Siemens Cloud for Industry enables users to assess the states of machines and systems.

Intelligent, robust connection technology

TE Connectivity highlights its innovative industrial connection technology for Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IioT).
TE’s new circular hybrid connector (CHC) was developed for real-time automation applications requiring the transmission of high data rates as per the CAT 5e specification as well as current loads of up to 10 A. This circular connector is used primarily in controllers for hydraulic and pneumatic valves, and is one of the first solution of its kind. Because the CHC is designed to be compatible with the VARAN (Versatile Automation Random Access Network) bus specification, retooling can be carried out more rapidly and the cabling effort is reduced.
TE’s family of heavy-duty connectors (HDCs) enables the reliable transmission of data and power even in the most demanding of applications. This series of connectors features a modular design, so the HDCs can be used as part of tailored solutions containing standardized connectivity equipment.

The TE Connectivity heavy-duty connectors are compliant with IEC 61984 and UL 1977 standards.

Ethernet PHYs for Industry 4.0 applications

Texas Instruments (TI) introduces what is claimed to be the industry’s lowest latency and highest electrostatic discharge (ESD) industrial Gigabit Ethernet physical layers (PHYs). The new family of six devices is designed to enable engineers to bring real-time industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capabilities to rugged factory automation systems, motor drives, and test and measurement equipment.
The new DP83867 family meets stringent electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards, reduces power consumption, and offers designers flexibility with multiple temperature, media access control (MAC) interface and packaging options.

The TI DP83867 Ethernet PHYs offer less than 400 nanoseconds latency at 1,000 Mbps and 100 Mbps.

Compact and secure automation controller

The PFC100 controller from WAGO meets demands for secure automation systems by packing high performance into an ultra-compact enclosure.
It is equipped with a Cortex A8 processor clocked at 600 MHz. The PFC100 is available in two variants that are both a mere 62 mm wide, yet house either two ETHERNET connections with DIP switches (750-8101), or a serial RS-232-/RS-485 interface (750-8102). Both of these variants have 12 MB of memory that au- tomatically divides into program code and data. Even more memory can be provided through the integrated Micro SD slot. The PFC100 is also equipped with everything to supply state-of-the-art security and encryption. The Linux environment enables implementation of encryption technology via TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security).

The WAGO PFC 100 enables a secure IPsec or OpenVPN connection to be implemented directly from the controller.

Source: Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 91 / 90
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