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Industrial cybersecurity partnership


Industrial cybersecurity partnership

Siemens and the Norwegian industrial cybersecurity company Secure-NOK signed a partnership agreement to integrate new cybersecurity solutions within the Ruggedcom portfolio of rugged network components and to supplement the Siemens Industrial Security portfolio. The combination of Siemens industrial experience and Secure-NOKs technology built for industrial applications, offers a flexible solution for industries such as power utilities, oil & gas, and transportation systems.

Secure-NOK offers SNOK, a scalable, distributed, small data solution designed to perform local detection of malware, espionage, sabotage or other harmful cyber-events. SNOK is designed to be implemented on industrial sites, running on hardware with limited computing power. Secure-NOK and Siemens joint offering will include interoperability with following products:
SNOK Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) on the Ruggedcom RX1500 with Ruggedcom APE to monitor the network to detect intrusions. The Ruggedcom APE is a utility-grade computing platform that plugs directly into any member of the Ruggedcom RX1500 family and makes it possible to run third party software applications without the complications and inconveniences of procuring an external industrial PC.
SNOK Cybersecurity Monitoring System monitors both the network and endpoints (hosts) to detect intrusions. This solution comes in small and large deployments depending on size of network and number of hosts to be monitored.
SNOK Enterprise Solution for monitoring of multiple sites from control centers. Includes SNOK Cybersecurity Monitoring System (CSM) as standard.



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