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Video explains bypass technology


Video explains bypass technology

Train communication networks usually use a linear topology for their backbone switches. The potential problem with linear topologies is that if one of Ethernet switches in the backbone goes offline, all connections further down the network are cut off. 

WoMaster´s M12 PoE switches are equipped with bypass technology to prevent this problem. A new video explains the technical principle and shows how this technology works. For the bypass demo, Layer 2 Managed M12 PoE switch MP310 and Layer 3 Managed M12 PoE switch MP614 are deployed in a topology that simulates the onboard network on a train network, connecting the cars and train driver cabin. The demo shows that using bypass trechnology, even in case of a power cut-off or a failure in one of the switches, the data is continuously streaming between the cars and the driver cabin.

Watch the bypass demo video on YouTube


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