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Decentralised EtherCAT motion system


Decentralised EtherCAT motion system

AB Dynamics’ Suspension Parameter Measurement Machine (SPMM) is used extensively by global vehicle manufacturers, vehicle standards test houses and tier-one component suppliers for the measurement of kinematics and compliance (K&C) testing as part of progressive R&D and for production quality control. With the ability to dynamically simulate braking, accelerating and cornering scenarios under highly repeatable test conditions, the SPMM provides the capability to obtain precise measurements of vehicle body and component deflections on the 19-axis motion controlled machine.

Heason Technology - designer, manufacturer and distributor of motion solutions – supplied AKD-N series EtherCAT-enabled decentralised servo drives from its distribution partner Kollmorgen for a next-generation SPMM. This solution has reduced control cabinet hardware, cabling, and build time and cost, whilst facilitating unrivalled measurement accuracy and improved performance. All of the motion axes on the machine (up to 18 for a four-wheel station SPMM 5000) include Heason supplied AKD-N and AKD-P EtherCAT enabled decentralised servo drives.

Kollmorgen’s AKD-N series decentralised drives have a proven record not just for lower machine complexity but also for the high-speed synchronisation offered by the EtherCAT industry standard fieldbus. The real-time deterministic fieldbus system with low communication jitter is particularly suited to automation applications requiring short data update times. The freely scalable Plug and Play solution allows additional motion axes, sensors or machine I/O to be readily added to ensure the highest degree of design freedom for machine building.

Commissioning and servo tuning is fast and straightforward with the graphical-based Kollmorgen Workbench. Well proven for other vehicle simulation platforms and high-speed automation applications such as packaging, processing and assembly machinery, the AKD-N decentralised drives used for the SPMM seamlessly perform in concert with AB Dynamics’ own EtherCAT master-based hardware and software system. Complex kinematics algorithms generate a series of motor current (torque) demands to each individual axis in real-time and in close synchronisation with all the sensor measurement data.



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