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Profinet diagnostics and commissioning


Profinet diagnostics and commissioning

Analyzer PRO is an enhanced version of the proven Profinet commissioning and diagnostics tool Softing Analyzer IE, and and allows the measurement of passive parameters that give a more detailed insight into Profinet networks.

Analyzer PRO includes a TAP (Terminal Access Point) device called “profiTap”. profiTap records network communication such as jitter, load ratio and device update rate. These so-called passive parameters cannot be determined via actively communicating to devices. With the help of profiTap, all packets traveling to and from the controller are analyzed and network communication is recorded.These parameters are integrated into the acceptance report and add an additional layer of information which provides more detailed insights into Profinet networks.

Analyzer PRO is the combination of Softing’s TH SCOPE software and TH LINK PC. It monitors and diagnoses the health of industrial networks so that field devices continue to communicate with PLCs, which would otherwise cause plant downtime or outages. The generated acceptance reports correspond to the recommendations of the "Profinet Commissioning Guideline" from Profibus & Profinet International (PI). Analyzer PRO is tailored to the needs of maintenance and production operations and requires no IT or network expertise on the part of the user. In addition to the Profinet standard, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and Profibus are also supported.



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