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Building automation at Shanghai's Henderson 688


Building automation at Shanghai's Henderson 688

The eye-catching Henderson 688 is a “BEAM Plus” platinum award winning building located in Shanghai, PRC. The high-end office building caters to international tenants and has 24 floors above ground and 3 floors below.

A new Building Management System (BMS) installed at Henderson was based on BACnet/IP with the intent of accommodating future expansion plans. It needed to be cost-effective and dependable. The BMS chosen was a Honeywell Webs system with a Niagara AX Supervisor, Webs building controllers commonly referred to as JACEs, and Spyder controllers. The Webs building controllers communicate up to the Supervisor using BACnet/IP over Ethernet, while typically communicating down to Spyder controllers over BACnet MS/TP.

The installed BMS included one Niagara AX Supervisor, 4 JACE-600 building controllers and 1,800 Spyder VAV controllers, and 100 Spyder unitary controllers. Typically, there were 75 VAV controllers per floor that would require supervision from building controllers. The Spyder data sheet recommends at most 40 Spyder devices per MS/TP segment which would require two MS/TP segments per floor. This would mean that two JACE-600s per floor for a total of 48 JACEs or one JACE-600 equipped with expansion card for a total of 24 JACE-600s.

There is another way of communicating to the MS/TP VAVs from the JACE-600s. The JACE-600 has two communication ports – one Ethernet port for BACnet/IP and one serial port for BACnet MS/TP. Instead of connecting the VAV MS/TP segments directly to the JACE-600s, the segments were connected to Contemporary Controls’ BASrouter which routes BACnet MS/TP traffic to BACnet/IP. The BASrouter also has two ports – one Ethernet port for BACnet/IP and one serial port for BACnet MS/TP. Once all the VAVs appear on the BACnet/IP network they are “discovered” by the JACE-600s resulting in communication between building controllers and VAVs over BACnet/IP instead of BACnet MS/TP. The building controllers “think” the VAVs are on the BACnet/IP network.

Two BASrouters became responsible for two MS/TP segments per floor. Instead of installing 24 or 48 JACE-600s just to handle MS/TP traffic, the SI used 51 of Contemporary Controls’ BASrouters. Each BASrouter ended up servicing 28-48 Spyders per segment. The cost savings were significant with the result that only 4 JACE-600s were used on the job.

By using Ethernet as the BACnet/IP network, the BASrouters can tap into any available Ethernet switch port. The SI decided to use Contemporary Controls’ CTRLink line of Skorpion 8 and 16-port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switches which are DIN-rail mountable and can be powered from 24 VAC control panel power. The Niagara AX Supervisor, the JACE-600s and all the BASrouters all share the same Ethernet network.


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