Beckhoff: System-integrated overcurrent protection with EtherCAT
Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 112 / 37
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Ignition 8 software

Inductive Automation: Ignition 8 software brings new capabilities for mobility, security, and enterprise projects. This major update to its signature software platform addresses industrial organizations′ needs for expanded architectures, enhanced security, and first-class mobile solutions.

This new version gives users a powerful new view of their industrial processes that is more mobile, customizable, scalable, and secure than ever before. Ignition 8 arrives along with the new Ignition Perspective Module. Ignition Perspective is a visualization system that brings powerful new capabilities to mobile devices.

Ignition Perspective provides full SCADA control from mobile phones, and drag-and-drop capabilities for designing mobile-responsive screens for mobile devices. Applications built with the Ignition Perspective Module adapt to fit any size screen, from cellphone to desktop. It also enables users to leverage a phone′s GPS, camera, Bluetooth, orientation-sensing, and more. It runs in any web browser with HTML5, and requires no plug-ins. Perspective allows people to enhance their SCADA systems in new and creative ways.

Inductive Automation

Source: Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 112 / 37
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