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Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 113 / 30
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Cloud application

B&R Industrial Automation: Asset Performance Monitor is a cloud application based on ABB Ability, ABB′s unified, cross-industry offering of digital solutions. By giving OEMs a reliable overview of all their machines in the field, it allows them to identify potential improvements, take service operations to the next level and unlock new business models and revenue streams.

Around the clock, Asset Performance Monitor delivers data about production rate, energy consumption and temperature. Users can define which information is required, and the application automatically calculates key performance indicators (KPIs) such as overall equipment effectiveness and provides opportunities for improvement. Asset Performance Monitor prepares the data and displays it in a clearly organized dashboard. OEMs can then use this data to implement well-targeted machine upgrades and offer their customers next-level service.

An edge device is installed on site to collect data from a machine or production line. It receives data from the machine controller via OPC UA and passes it on to the cloud using the MQTT protocol. The edge device automatically establishes a connection to the ABB Ability cloud and installs the necessary software. Simply logging in with a username and password gives the OEM access to Asset Performance Monitor and all the features it has to offer.

B&R Industrial Automation

Source: Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 113 / 30
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