Beckhoff C6030 ultra-compact Industrial PC
Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 113 / 36
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Dual-Ethernet network security

Maple Systems: Dual-Ethernet HMIs conveniently divide competing connectivity demands between two separate networks, offering the benefits of connecting to the IIoT while increasing the reliability and security of a private control network dedicated to keeping machinery operating at peak performance.

The HMI becomes a gateway into a user′s control network, and the PLC can transmit everything to the HMI without having to deal with slowdowns or network traffic. Meanwhile, the HMI can maintain a connection to the plant network for VNC monitoring, sending status reports, data log files, and e-mail alarms. In the event of a catastrophic issue causing the main network to go down, the HMI maintains its PLC connection, which means the machine stays up and running.

Part of the Advanced Series, the HMI5043DL is designed for small spaces, and can function in portrait or landscape mode. The unit takes advantage of features in the free programming software, and proves to be cost effective for implementing enhanced capabilities.

Maple Systems

Source: Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 113 / 36
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