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Optimizing smart grid networks


Optimizing smart grid networks

As Utilities are moving to digital substations based on IEC61850, the number of high-availability networks based on Ethernet standard (PRP/HSR) and sub microsecond synchronization increases. A new concept of station bus and process bus arises, with multitude of IEDs connected to the network and transmitting critical information packetized in Ethernet frames.

The challenge becomes how to monitor and audit the performance of all these elements connected to network? An arbitration system that allows to verify the correct functioning of the equipment in case of failure is required. RELY-REC is designed as a flexible solution that can be connected to a conventional Ethernet network or a high-availability network (PRP or HSR), with selectable NTP/PTP timestamp. Configurable pre and post triggers, based on multiple combination of input conditions (sensor input, logical alarms, synchronization loss, GOOSE and SMV values, etc.) can launch output actions like recording, mailing, SNMP traps, syslog events. Data is recorded on an internal Industrial grade SSD disk, through two external ports that can be connected to Mirror ports or in TAP mode.

RELY-REC has a compact size, low consumption, and is designed to meet demanding requirements, according to IEC 61850.


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