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MQTT Publisher functionality


MQTT Publisher functionality

The new MQTT Endpoint functionality makes the Softing dataFEED OPC Suite a product for integrating IoT devices with MQTT Publisher functionality into the overall application. Smart wizards are available to define the destinations of the data exchange. This way, process data can be quickly and easily re-used in Industrie 4.0 solutions via the integrated OPC UA Server. In addition, it allows to efficiently include the IoT device data in big data applications or to log it in a database or file.

For connecting the IoT devices to the various cloud platforms, customers have various options at their disposal. For all of these, dataFEED OPC Suite completely covers the security standards of the various protocols. This allows data from IoT devices, which themselves support little or no security functionality, to be transmitted over a connection with the highest level of security.

"The success of an Industrie 4.0 application depends on whether production data can be provided and processed in an appropriate form," says Andreas Röck, Data Integration Product Manager at Softing Industrial. "For plant engineers and operators, but also for IT administrators, the task is to store and analyze large volumes of data safely and inexpensively. Here they can use the MQTT Endpoint functionality to provide an interesting option for easy local storage of data from IoT devices."

Softing’s dataFEED OPC Suite is a comprehensive complete package that covers communication via the OPC standard as well as the implementation of big data solutions and integration in IoT clouds. A modern user interface with intelligent, practice-oriented presettings and an intuitive user interface enables easy and fast configuration of the data exchange. The modular design offers great flexibility to the user since he only has to license the required functionality.


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