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CC-Link IE TSN gigabit chip


CC-Link IE TSN gigabit chip

With several million controllers installed, the Hilscher netX platform technology is a proven solution that enables all common fieldbus and real-time Ethernet systems to be realised in the smallest of spaces. It has been announced that it will soon also be available for automation providers keen to provide their products with CC-Link IE TSN connectivity.

The owner-managed Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation offers a full portfolio of hardware and software solutions for fieldbuses and Industrial Ethernet as well as services and customer-specific assembly production. Hilscher is a long-standing member of the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) and supports all network communication technologies with its communication chips, embedded modules, printed circuit interface cards, gateways and corresponding protocol stacks. This ranges from the CC-Link fieldbus to the industrial CC-Link IE Gigabit Ethernet variant, which has already been realized on printed circuit interface cards as slaves. In addition, the compatible CC-Link IE Basic variant is ported to Hilscher’s 100-Mbit chips. Prototypes have already been created and the certification process is in progress.

With TSN in particular, we are seeing a strong trend towards gigabit technology and because of that, we are in the process of developing a new multiprotocol chip for gigabit bandwidth which naturally will also then support CC-Link IE TSN. We see gigabit TSN as having great market value,” says Sebastian Hilscher, son of the company’s founder and Development Manager at Hilscher.

The launch of the new chip, which will support gigabit bandwidth, is planned for 2020. “That is when starter kits will be launched and samples available for customers to try out. Then we will collect customer feedback and go into mass production,” says Hilscher. In the process, the chip will be supplied with the appropriate software in the form of protocol stacks.

The new generation of chips, which supports gigabit TSN, will be an extension of the netX chip family in the form of various derivatives, i.e. as a companion chip variant or even as a single chip. The solution mainly focuses on factory automation and on the whole range of associated devices, from I/Os through PLCs and drives to incremental encoders and sensors.


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