Beckhoff: System-integrated overcurrent protection with EtherCAT
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64 temperatures into SCADA via Ethernet


64 temperatures into SCADA via Ethernet

It is becoming increasingly more common to bring process measurements into our systems using Ethernet. The Moore Industries TCM Temperature Concentrator Module has been available with HART communications plus Modbus RTU serial for many years. The HES HART to Ethernet Gateway System converts HART data to Modbus/TCP and thus opens up the option to bring the data into the host using Ethernet.

The TCM measures 16 temperatures from thermocouples or RTDs. It can be located close to the process because it has excellent ambient temperature specifications and is certified Class I, Div 2 and Intrinsically Safe. The loop-powered TCM will send its data back to the HES via HART protocol.

The HES is available as a single channel or four channel gateway. The signal channel model converts 16 temperatures to Modbus/TCP and the four channel model converts 64 temperatures to Modbus/TCP. Each HES retrieves process variable data with HART command 03 or command 09. It also retrieves all the diagnostic data with command 48, making it a very effective gateway to use with Asset Management Systems.


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