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Ethernet for cars consortium launched


Ethernet for cars consortium launched

The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL), an independent provider of broad-based testing and standards conformance services for the networking industry, announces the launch of the Automotive Ethernet Consortium, paving the way for semiconductor companies to address stringent requirements of the automotive industry for next generation in-vehicle networking. The OPEN Alliance (One-Pair Ether-Net) Special Interest Group (SIG) endorses the UNH-IOL as the first laboratory to test BroadR-Reach®, a standard that will achieve 100Mbps Ethernet connectivity in automotive networking applications.

The OPEN Alliance is comprised of more than 70 leading technology and automotive member companies that share a common goal to drive wide-scale adoption of Ethernet-based automotive connectivity. The UNH-IOL’s extensive and highly-regarded experience in Ethernet testing and the technical team’s early involvement in the standards development process were key factors in our approval of the laboratory for BroadR-Reach testing,” said Dr. Kirsten Matheus, Ethernet Project Manager, BMW, and OPEN Alliance SIG Chair. “Standardization of the world’s first automotive solution capable of delivering 100Mbps Ethernet connectivity over unshielded cabling will revolutionize in-car networking with the goal of creating the ultimate in-vehicle experience for consumers, but these opportunities will only be possible with the help of reliable, trusted partners like the UNH-IOL.

Migration from multiple closed applications to a single open, scalable Ethernet-based network within the automobile allows manufacturers to incorporate more electronic systems and devices. For consumers, this means availability of new, innovative features for safety (i.e. 360-degree surround view parking assistance, rear-view cameras and collision avoidance systems and eventually automated driving); comfort and infotainment (access to social media applications via dashboard); as well as improved fuel efficiency and performance, and greater affordability.

As an independent organization, the UNH-IOL is committed to neutral testing of standards like BroadR-Reach to ensure credible results. As members of the Automotive Ethernet Consortium, semiconductor companies can verify that their chips meet the requirements of the BroadR-Reach standard. Although testing is currently only available to semiconductor companies, the UNH-IOL plans to open membership to parts suppliers and automotive manufacturers as adoption of the BroadR-Reach standard progresses. By testing together in the same consortium members save on research and development costs and minimize risk associated with new technology adoption. In addition, they have a first mover advantage in preparing their products for market in advance of the BroadR-Reach standard’s wide-scale industry adoption.


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