New ProductsJuly 23, 2021

Rail-Mount Terminal Block for Performance in Minimum Space

WAGO Expands Rail-Mount Terminal Block Range with New Mini Variant

WAGO Expands its Rail-Mount Terminal Block Range with New Mini Variant.

As devices become smaller and smaller, less and less space is available for connecting them, so the connection components need to be small too. That’s why WAGO, a specialist in connection components, added a miniature version to its range of rail-mount terminal blocks last year. Now WAGO’s Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks are also available with a nominal cross-section of 2.5 mm². As a more powerful miniature terminal block, this second variant supplements the 1 mm² model that is already available.

WAGO’s TOPJOB® S Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks are especially compact, making them suitable for wiring work in cramped terminal boxes of motors, pumps or devices in control cabinets, for example. Despite a compact design, the new 2.5 mm² version (max. 4 mm² without ferrule) can be used in applications up to 24 A (max. 32 A without ferrule) and 800 V (IEC)/ 600 V (UL). Motors, pumps and devices are often connected close to production lines, in industrial environments where Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks offer the additional advantage of reliable, vibration-resistant connections, thanks to spring pressure connection technology.

Different Selections for Different Applications and Preferences

Both versions of the WAGO Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks (1 mm² and 2.5 mm²) offer tremendous flexibility: They can be mounted on a 15 x 5 mm DIN-rail or on a mounting plate with snap-in feet or mounting flanges. The terminal blocks are equipped with either an intuitive push-button or an operating slot – both versions also allow direct push-in connection. Both the 1 mm² and 2 mm² Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks carry CCA, UL, CSA, IECEx and ATEX, AEX approvals.

The Right Accessories at All Times

WAGO’s Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks are part of the TOPJOB® S family, WAGO’s successful range of rail-mount terminal blocks, making them compatible with its familiar standardized accessories, such as jumpers and marking strips. The multi-line printable marking strips also enable fast and easy identification in limited space, for example. This allows connections to be to easily traced later, even without a detailed circuit diagram. TOPJOB® S stands for fast wiring and reliable electrical connections in a variety of industrial applications and modern building installations.