New ProductsSeptember 15, 2022

Gateways using AWS IoT Greengrass

Gateways using AWS IoT Greengrass

Edge gateways extend cloud intelligence to the edge for IT and OT convergence.

Advantech’s UNO series of IoT edge gateways have qualified for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Internet of Things (IoT) Greengrass, an IoT open source edge runtime and cloud service that facilitates the development, deployment, and management of device software. This means that the UNO series gateways (UNO-137, UNO-148, UNO-2271G V2, UNO-2372G, UNO-410, and UNO-430) are compatible with most mainstream cloud services and pre-built software components, providing platforms for cost-efficient local software development.

Integrated with AWS IoT Greengrass, the UNO series IoT edge gateways seamlessly extend AWS functionality and cloud intelligence to the edge. For example, with AWS IoT Greengrass, AWS Lambda functions and prebuilt software modules can be used to build edge applications for stream analytics, machine learning, image recognition, and other high-value AI applications that are deployed from the cloud to the edge for local execution. Similarly, Amazon SageMaker Neo DLR and TensorFlow Lite frameworks allow machine learning inference to be conducted at the edge on using cloud-trained models. This enables local devices to act on locally generated data, while storing, analyzing, visualizing, and decision-making tasks are conducted through the cloud, streamlining data processing operations and facilitating the convergence of OT and IT.

To support a wide range of IoT and automation applications, UNO edge gateways are equipped with multiple I/O for integrating secondary expansion stacks and Wi-Fi, LTE, and 5G connectivity modules that extend the system functions. UNO gateways also feature edge container technology that supports third-party container-native applications and allows cloud services to be deployed as decentralized computing resources.