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Promoted content: Easily manage wireless devices


Promoted content: Easily manage wireless devices

The new monitor app JetWave Smart Remote (JSR) from Korenix offers a smarter and easier way to connect and manage Korenix JetWave products. In industrial networking environment, IT engineers are often not available on site when an issue occurres. It can thus take a lot of time and effort to solve the problem. The case is even more difficult for WIFI networking devices, since they are often installed in hard to reach locations, and correct setup is generally more demanding than for wired devices. To solve this problem, the Korenix JSR app provides both IT and OT engineers an easy to use tool to manage WiFi networking devices remotely.

After downloading the app, users can easily connect their wireless AP/ client to their phone. The app works as a small management system on the smartphone that can automatically detect all nearby Korenix AP and client devices. With the Korenix JSR app, engineers can check connection status or package loss rate with only a few clicks. Moreover, the app also has an antenna assistant function, which allows engineers to adjust the antenna to the best angle.

Korenix JSR shows the signal dBm of each AP/ client, which allows to check for the best connection signal. Normally, when installing multiple APs in the field, engineers will find out the signal strength between two AP devices only after installion. If the signal isn’t strong enough, the AP device has to be moved and re-installed in a diferent position. This is time consuming and inefficient. With the Korenix JSR app, engineers can now simply use their smartphone to determine the best positions to provide optimum signal coverage.

The Antenna assistant helps engineers to adjust antennas by displaying the signal strength and sounding corresponding beeps. Guided by the frewquency of the beeps, engineers can adjust an antenna without having to frequently check the result on a computer. The Korenix JSR app can be connected to Korenix JetWave WIFI products, such as the JetWave2212 or JetWave 3220 series.

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