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Lapp joins SPE Industrial Partner Network


Lapp joins SPE Industrial Partner Network

Different Single-pair Ethernet (SPE) standards have been introduced into the standardization process and are now competing in the market. German cable specialist Lapp has now decided to join the SPE Industrial Partner Network.

Single-pair Ethernet could soon be an important addition to Industrial Ethernet. Today, both Cat.5 and Cat.7 cables are too large for connecting individual sensors at the field level in factories. Single-pair Ethernet cables are the better alternative here. Instead of four pairs of conductors, they have just one. This saves up to 75 per cent of the time when connecting the cores –and a cable with two cores costs less than one with eight. These cables are also thin, so they are great when space is at a premium. Two years ago,

Lapp presented the first single-pair Ethernet cables for industrial use. Today, the range includes cables for flexible applications, for example for cable chains, and offers core cross-sections of AWG 26 to AWG 18. For Lapp, it´s not just about cables. The Stuttgart-based family company also wants to provide its customers with the complete industrial network solution for SPE. However, much smaller connectors are required for the thinner cable. There is still no standardized connector to this day, which is slowing things down.

Ralf Moebus, Head of Product Management Automation at Lapp says: "Since incompatible components hamper market penetration, it is important for us to develop a standard to help the products break through." This is why Lapp is supporting the SPE Industrial Partner Network. The main goal of this group of companies is to drive technologies based on SPE related transmission standards, which are standardized in IEEE 802.3 and IEC SC46C. In particular the SPE industrial Partner Network is focusing on the unified device interface T1 Industrial according to IEC 63171-6 as well as SPE cables according to IEC 61156.


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