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New edge computing solutions


New edge computing solutions

In many cases, transferring data from machines and systems directly to a cloud solution is resource-intensive and not feasible due to the low latency often required for industrial applications. Edge computing has established itself because it combines the advantages of decentralized cloud architectures with those of a local network architecture. Edge devices can take over data mining from controllers that require low latency and a high level of determinism. Collected data can be evaluated directly, displayed graphically and made available to the cloud. Wago has introduced two new edge devices that are designed exactly for that purpose: the Edge Controller and the Edge Computer.

The new Edge Controller (752-8303/8000- 0002) utilizes an ARM Cortex-A9 quad-core processor and offers an extensive selection of interfaces, including two Ethernet ports, one CANopen port and two USB ports. It also has a serial interface and four digital inputs/ outputs for connecting local devices or sensors. Project design for the Edge Controller can occur in the familiar e!COCKPIT environment, so it fits seamlessly within WAGO’s automation solution ecosystem.

The new Edge Computers (752-9400 and 752-9401) feature a 1.91 GHz quad-core Atom processor and are equipped with standard Debian Linux. An SSD disk can be installed to expand the existing 64 GByte flash memory for very large data volumes. Despite their extended temperature range from −20°C to +60°C, the Edge Computers operate without a fan and come in a compact housing, simplifying integration. Standard software, such as Node-Red, can be used on all edge devices. These devices communicate via all common protocols, both on the factory floor and with the cloud.


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