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Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 103 / 99
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Industrial Networks News and Industry 4.0

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February 26, 2018

Kyland Industrial Communications Products

the "embedded world" trade show and conference starts tomorrow. We will be there to report on Industrial IoT solutions and embedded computing trends. Follow @IEBook on Twitter for a live report with all the latest updates.

Industrial Ethernet Book

News IIoT starter kit for AWS
Moxa has launched the IIoT Gateway Starter Kit with built-in support for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Full story

Edge programmable controller
The Opto 22 groov EPIC combines I/O, real-time control, HMI, and industrial/IT data exchange in a compact package. Full story

OPC development toolkits
The Softing OPC Development Toolkits are now listed in Rockwell Automation's Encompass Partner Program. Full story

Technology Key elements for effective IIoT implementation
Industrial automation has benefitted from advances in industrial networking and mobile computing to make concepts like the "Connected Factory" and the IIoT a reality. Often, however, the proliferation of competing concepts can lead to confusion and leave some questioning how to begin practical implementation. This article examines key elements organizations should consider when devising an effective implementation strategy and explores the benefits from connecting, monitoring and controlling operations.
Full story

Harting: Build your M8/M12 cordset
Case Studies Next generation digital substations
Clearly, the digital grid has moved front and center in the power and utility sector. It is being driven by the growth in renewables, increasing cybersecurity risk and the demand for greater efficiency. To realize the dream of a digitized grid, however, the equipment deployed must offer high performance and be highly reliable. That requires a network infrastructure that can not only deal with current demands, but can cope with future innovation and a massive increase in data traffic volume.
Full story

Products Planet IFGS-1022HPT Ethernet Switch :: Combo Ethernet switch

:: EtherCAT with TSN networks

:: CC-Link IE development solutions

:: Integrated automation connectivity

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Source: Industrial Ethernet Book Issue 103 / 99
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