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Easier identification, management and security for OPC UA devices

Dynamic certificate management with the OPC UA GDS can be developing using the Device and Update Management system. …

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There is an urgent need to improve cyber security for OT that must start with education and research.

OPC UA enabling technology for IIoT communications

OPC UA easily connects the shop floor to the top floor in a semantic and standardized way. It …

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Figure 11

How all protocols fail at data access interoperability

If you are interested in being challenged to fundamentally rethink how an enterprise-wide Data Access system should be …

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Leading IoT Vendors Commit to OPC UA Adoption

Major IoT vendors including AWS, Google Cloud, IBM, Microsoft, SAP and SIEMENS leverage secure, standardized information exchange in …

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The UA Cloud Library makes is easy to find, share, explore, and use OPC UA Information Models by applications, end-users, and standards bodies.

UA Cloud Library and Field Level Communications Updates

The OPC Foundation continues to forge ahead with technology advancements. Recent highlights include the launch of the UA …

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OPC UA For Field In FA And PA

OPC UA – from automation pyramid to information network

The OPC UA (IEC 62541) framework with the extensions for field exchange (OPC UA FX) specified by the …

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OPC UA over TSN – integration and evaluation experiences

The need for edge computing means more connected devices that interact with the real-world based on the data …

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OPC UA Publisher/Subscriber offers an elegant solution for achieving interoperability between control systems.

Secure and flexible IT/OT integration based on OPC UA

Middleware offers possibility of seamless and secure data transfer based on OPC UA. Data transfer plays an especially important …

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