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CIP Security firewall offers enhanced intrusion deterrence

Device-based firewall profile has been added to CIP Security to further protect EtherNet/IP networks and help discourage bad …

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PROFINET security specification updated

PROFINET Security Class 1 has transitioned to concrete implementation.

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Network Automation Market Study

Network automation market to cross USD 30 Billion by 2028

The network automation market is set to grow from its current market value of more than $5 billion …

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Network Shares According To HMS networks 2023

Industrial Ethernet & wireless networks growing

There is continued growth for Industrial Ethernet and wireless networks, according to HMS Networks as it released its …

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Process Device Profile Benefits

EtherNet/IP Process Device Profile Support

ODVA has announced that process device profiles have been added to the EtherNet/IP specification.

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In 2022, 18.4 million EtherCAT chips were sold. This brings the total number of EtherCAT nodes - not counting Bus Terminals - to 59.1 million.

EtherCAT: almost 60 million nodes and exponential growth

Excluding modular I/O devices, ETG counts 59.1 million nodes, with recent growth being particularly impressive. Since 2014, growth …

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“One major topic of IIoT in 2023 and beyond will be finding solutions for a scalable, automated and fast update and patch management of network-enabled devices. The basis for this solution is seamless and barrier-free data logistics between different industrial companies and their software systems. -- Dr. Frank Possel-Dölken, Chief Digital Officer and Member of the Group Executive Board and Dr. Christoph Kelzenberg, Director Digital Innovations, Phoenix Contact.

Process Automation Device Information Model Standard

Collaboration promises to simplify integration of OT and IT systems by optimizing process automation end users’ management of …

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Single Common Conformance Test Plan: IEC/IEEE 60802 TSN

Avnu Alliance, CLPA, ODVA, OPC Foundation and PROFIBUS & PROFINET International are collaborating on a single conformance test …

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