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Industrial 5G

Industrial 5G networking technology will change the way smart factories will make decisions, manufacture products, and maintain plants with its strong focus on machine-type communication and the Internet of Things (IoT). But it will also co-exist with WiFi and other wireless solutions.

What is Industrial 5G?

One of the key differences between 5G and previous generations of cellular networks lies in 5G’s strong focus on machine-type communication and the Internet of Things (IoT). Industrial 5G supports communication with unprecedented reliability, very low latencies and the kind of massive IoT connectivity that will pave the way for the next era in industrial production. Read in this section how Industrial 5G and other wireless technologies are opening up completely new possibilities and fields of application for industrial automation and control networks.

5G support for multiple time synchronization domains and uplink synchronization via the network.

5G with TSN for industrial communications

A prevailing view is that integration of 5G and TSN will increasingly become more important to industrial automation …

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5G graphic Earth Background

5G Drives mmWave Technology to Impact Multiple Industries

Advancements in telecommunications networks is generating a reaction in other industries that will unfold in the years to …

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The main benefits of 5G are higher bandwidth, greater reliability, lower latency, and lower power consumption.

Secure remote access via public 5G networks

It is only a matter of time until 5G will establish itself in industry. The flexibility of 5G …

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Enhanced Mobile Broadband with 5G

5g on test bench for industry: what’s possible in the future?

5G and other wireless technologies represent an ideal supplement to wired communication solutions, each with its own specific …

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Abstract Background

Industrial 5G technology offers potential wireless standard

5G implements technical enhancements over 4G, and is specifically targeting industrial automation. 5G as a technology has already …

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WiFi 6 Certified includes a range of new features , many of which will strengthen the ability to use wireless communications for enterprise connectivity solutions.

Next generation Wi-Fi 6: the future of wireless connectivity

The growing expectations on Wi-Fi performance, coverage, security, support for new use cases, applications and devices require a …

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Industrial 5G graphic

Real-time TSN networks & future standards

Leveraging the combination of a real-time-capable communication technology (TSN) and real-time-capable language (OPC UA PubSub) makes it possible …

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ISA100.11a uses a star topology where groups of individual end devices communicate with a router, which sends data to and from the gateway.

Trade-offs selecting a wireless instrumentation protocol

The larger wireless landscape has changed since the introduction of WirelessHART and ISA100.11a. These two standards have changed …

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Challenges and Future Perspectives

Industrial 5G

This video hosted by Dr. Andreas Mueller, Robert Bosch GmbH, provides an excellent commentary on the remaining challenges and future perspectives on the adoption of Industrial 5G.

Qualcomm Video

5G Smart Factories

Live over-the-air demonstration of upcoming 5G industrial IoT capabilities such as time sensitive networking (TSN) and enhanced ultra-reliable low latency communication (eURLLC). For more information, visit https://www.qualcomm.com/invention/5g.