Cyber Vision deployment in manufacturing plants.

Secure collaboration spaces in manufacturing workflows

The combination of security and collaboration platforms paves the way to accelerate engagement of a “community of experts” …

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Integrator configures MicroSmart PLCs and HMIs to meet door security and intercom requirements.

Lean PLC and HMI system offers facility automation solution

Small and medium facility operators can obtain a comprehensive facility automation system delivering the capabilities they need by …

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Teaching panel for cobot

Cobots maximise return on investment

Cobots hold the promise of increasing the efficiency and quality of human work, bringing greater reliability, consistency and …

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Abstract background

How to optimize networks for extreme conditions

From remote oil rigs to electrical substations, industry runs on data. Interruptions to flow of information can create …

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Illustration above shows modular cellular-based network with control at the edge. Equipment at remote sites connect to a cellular RTU, which has built-in processing capabilities. So if the network is unresponsive, the cellular RTU can still perform all control activities.

Overcoming an ineffective wireless radio infrastructure

A new remote communications system provides pipeline flow control and monitoring of municipal water supply and four pump …

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OPC UA is one of the standards for implementing state-of-the-art communication architectures that is also listed in the RAMI specifications for Industry 4.0.

One communication standard: OPC UA for AutoID devices

AutoID devices continue to differ depending on the manufacturer, with all devices having sufficient differentiation options. Only the …

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East view of NEST with the Urban Mining & Recycling unit illuminated in the center and the striking Solar Fitness & Wellness unit at top right.

TwinCAT OPC UA connects research to innovation

Flexible communication across building and mobility applications at Empa rely on the OPC UA standard to interconnect its …

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Palm oil tank farms ready for digitalization

Palm oil tank farms ready for digitalization

Direct integration of Profibus PA field level into Ethernet control systems has created transparency and consistency for a …

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Single Pair Ethernet Technology

SPE in industrial applications

Single Pair Ethernet work continues with the aim of toughening up this evolutionary new technology for as many …

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Industrial network infrastructures

Optimizing infrastructure performance

Industrial network infrastructure is a valuable business asset. Investments in legacy networks require a clear migration path to …

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PROFINET Over Industrial WLAN Infrastructure

PROFINET Over Industrial WLAN

Two key challenges need to be addressed when building a stable PROFINET application over a WLAN infrastructure. The …

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Abstract Background

Single-Pair Ethernet for constrained devices

New operational concepts are being developed to drive EtherNet/IP deployment to low-end constrained, in-cabinet devices such as contactors …

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