Protocol tools such as Wireshark can capture any network traffic that goes through the switch regardless of the port location of the traffic.

Industrial diagnostic switch simplifies system testing

Testing and system debugging Ethernet switches is a significant issue for machine builders. One solution is a switch …

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The Orkla factory in Indre Arna is highly automated and requires reliable communication for applications such as automated transport of raw materials and finished products.

Secure and reliable network switches increase productivity

A state-of-the-art industrial network provides a stable, reliable, and secure communication backbone for all operations at the Orkla …

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groov EPIC embedded inside the truck’s lift system

Dignified Motors introduces technology to mobility industry

An innovative engineer turns to edge controller technology to power an EPIC Chevy Silverado lift system. Opto 22 …

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Cyber Vision deployment in manufacturing plants.

Secure collaboration spaces in manufacturing workflows

The combination of security and collaboration platforms paves the way to accelerate engagement of a “community of experts” …

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Robotics in the Smart Factory

Connectivity in the changing robot industry

Changes in the robotic industry, especially trends toward connectivity, miniaturization and Industry 4.0, led to a partnership between …

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With seven mirrors and a combined diameter of 25 meters, the Giant Magellan Telescope will represent the next generation of ground-based telescopes when it goes live at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile in 2029.

PC and EtherCAT-based control for Magellan telescope

Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT) combines site-wide, real-time connectivity with 3,000 precisely controlled servo axes. The telescope design boasts …

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Integrator configures MicroSmart PLCs and HMIs to meet door security and intercom requirements.

Lean PLC and HMI system offers facility automation solution

Small and medium facility operators can obtain a comprehensive facility automation system delivering the capabilities they need by …

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Teaching panel for cobot

Cobots maximise return on investment

Cobots hold the promise of increasing the efficiency and quality of human work, bringing greater reliability, consistency and …

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