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The latest products for industrial automation and control networking.

OES Integrated Stepper Motors Controllers Drivers 4x5x300

Integrated Single and Multi-Axis Stepper Motor Controller and Driver

New ICAD Series of integrated motion controllers and drivers for 2-phase stepper motors.

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Emerson G3 Wireless ARM 2

Pneumatic Valve System with Embedded Wireless Connectivity

New Emerson automatic recovery module enables easy valve system commissioning and configuration.

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For the faster production of e-motors, Siemens has developed a new application which optimally controls wire tension for linear winding and minimizes fluctuations in force. The Wire Brake software application for automated winding of rectangular coil former controls the tension of the copper wire. In comparison to passive systems, this enables higher winding speeds and a higher winding quality to be achieved. The functionality can be integrated directly into the machine project using the standard library "Simotion Wire Brake" which shortens engineering and commissioning costs. It contains algorithms which include the rectangular geometry of the coil former as well as the "TensionControl" components to control the wire tension brake axis and "CamGeneration" to calculate cams using reference values. Continued growth in electrification, digitalization and electromobility is leading to increased demands on machines for the automated production of electrostators for electric motors. In addition to maximum productivity, shorter setup times for changing products, and high winding quality, this trend is also focused on plant availability and use in the powertrain. Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio for the integrated automation of the entire manufacturing process for electric motor manufacturing and the recording of the required process parameters. The Simatic S7-1500 controller and the Simotion motion control system are ideal from simple applications to tasks in the high-end range, the Sinamics S120 booksize drives are for winding applications.

Faster E-motor Production with Wire Brake Application

New standard library offers shorter winding times at a higher quality, and can be used for linear winding …

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Multi Protocol Drives

Multi-protocol drives

High performance Unidrive M700 and M702 drives are now available with enhanced multi-protocol Ethernet ports that support PROFINET …

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Variable Speed Drives

Variable speed drives

The HV600 family of drives employs the latest advancements in variable speed control for HVAC applications.

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Control Cabinet Inverters

Control cabinet inverters

The NORDAC PRO SK 500P frequency inverters are equipped with an integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface, a multi-encoder interface …

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Integrated Servo Drive

Integrated servo drive

The new AMI812x series of integrated servo drives expands its compact drive technology portfolio (up to 48 V …

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Industrial Microdrive

Industrial microdrive

The GA500 industrial microdrive is designed to meet RoHS2, providing a sustainable, environmentally friendly drive. Its TUV safety …

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Single Pair Ethernet Technology

SPE in industrial applications

Single Pair Ethernet work continues with the aim of toughening up this evolutionary new technology for as many …

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Industrial network infrastructures

Optimizing infrastructure performance

Industrial network infrastructure is a valuable business asset. Investments in legacy networks require a clear migration path to …

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PROFINET Over Industrial WLAN Infrastructure

PROFINET Over Industrial WLAN

Two key challenges need to be addressed when building a stable PROFINET application over a WLAN infrastructure. The …

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Abstract Background

Single-Pair Ethernet for constrained devices

New operational concepts are being developed to drive EtherNet/IP deployment to low-end constrained, in-cabinet devices such as contactors …

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