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Industrial Ethernet Connectors and Cables Product Showcase

Industrial connectors and cables are in a period of rapid innovation. Along with the emergence of Single Pair …

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Single Pair Ethernet connectors

SPE Changing the Face of Industrial Communication

Single Pair Ethernet is more than just new connectors. SPE has become the connector standard for the network …

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Siemens PoE Solutions

Intelligent connection: Data and power supply over one cable via PoE 

With ever increasing performance and a rising number of supported end devices, Power over Ethernet (PoE) – for …

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Phoenix Contact Diagnostics Capable Infrastructure Components

Diagnostics-capable infrastructure components

In many operators’ plants, long downtimes occur in the event of an error. The failure is often due …

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Moxa MDS G4000

Industrial Ethernet Switches Industry Trends

Industrial Ethernet switches and routers are effective building blocks for corporate and manufacturing networks worldwide. In this special …

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Har Flex Hybrid Group

Signal meets power meets data in miniaturized connectors

The miniaturization of devices has led to a drive toward more compact connector solutions for both power and …

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Automotive Application

Four Ways Time Sensitive Networking Improves Business

Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) is unique and innovative technology that can help companies implement futureproof Industry 4.0 applications by …

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Designing, deploying and maintaining network infrastructure must include inevitable power disruptions.

Improving network availability while decreasing maintenance

A fully connected operation will only reach its full potential if network availability is assured. The use of …

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