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Network Connections

What to expect from Industrial Ethernet

The role of industrial Ethernet in factory networking is expanding, but how will it help to shape the …

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Networking Diagram

Transforming your industrial network infrastructure

Futureproof networking solutions are designed to help businesses seamlessly merge their IT and OT systems, and prepare them …

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Lumber plant using PoE.

Why Industrial networks need an IEEE 802.3bt Ethernet switch

Managed and unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches are the most common type of industrial power sourcing equipment to embed …

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BridgeVPN Solution

Understanding options for remote access control

VPN solutions accommodate a variety of remote access needs. A RemoteVPN subscription service offers secure remote communication without …

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Process operators can use universal I/O modules in many ways to support and ease digital transformation initiatives.

Universal I/O: a simpler path to smart process plants

Universal I/O is a relatively young technology that will continue to deliver value to process operators. Advances combined …

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MELSOFT MaiLab acts as a dedicated virtual AI data scientist, helping companies to overcome these challenges and empowering them to realise future-oriented manufacturing strategies.

AI solution unleashes the full potential of shop floors

An intuitive, operator-centric platform leverages artificial intelligence to automatically optimise operations while maximising equipment monitoring, visibility and diagnostics. …

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Network Connections

What matters when it comes to choosing an Ethernet PHY

As digitalization progresses, ever greater volumes of data need to be exchanged constantly between devices and machines. Especially …

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ID link on plant component can be scanned via mobile device

Digital data chain saves time and costs

The Digital Data Chain combines future-driven technologies offering an efficient exchange of data and information based on a …

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