Predictive maintenance provides comprehensive insight into the health of a machine and forecasts the probability of component failure, helping to identify damage before it becomes critical.

Predictive maintenance relies on effective data collection

Predictive maintenance has the potential to open up new service models for machine builders. Using machine data, it …

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Tandem press line from Aida Engineering in an automotive production facility.

IoT-capable press lines harness open control technology

Implementing Industrie 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) concepts is leading to a huge increase in the volumes …

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Data acquired from inverters, meters, transformers, and other edge devices can be send to a DER management system to maintain the grid in a stable state and meet the energy requirements of customers.

Enabling IIoT connectivity for virtual power plants

Leveraging IIoT connectivity for virtual power plants requires high data speeds and quick response times. In this ecosystem, …

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Builders of agricultural and construction machinery can leverage all the benefits of state-ofthe-art automation including safety technology and cloud connectivity.

Mobile automation solutions for intelligent machinery

The challenge for manufacturers of agricultural and construction machinery is how to implement intelligent semi autonomous machine functions …

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An always-on network can be helpful for gas utilities or power plants, ensuring neighborhood safety and accurate records for regulatory agencies.

Always-on secure, managed communications for remote sites

A Persistent Data Network (PDN) is a simple, secure and managed infrastructure communications network alternative for utilities. This …

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The CT scanner controller uses dozens of processors for precision control and data processing. It coordinates the gantry, patient heartbeat, emitter, and scanner. A high-speed bus collects the results and processes them into a 3D image.

IIoT middleware solutions for energy markets and beyond

The exciting potential of the IIoT is to create bold new intelligent machines and vast distributed systems. The …

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EtherNet/IP & FDI creating value for process automation

The optimization of process integration initiative (OPI) is continuing to develop. FDI device packages required for Field Device …

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Open, platform-independent OPC UA technology offers straightforward networking at a local and a global level, along with allowing secure data traffic through a firewall.

Automated condition monitoring and Industrie 4.0 solutions

KraussMaffei Technologies has implemented uaGate SI Gateway technology and the open, platform-independent OPC UA standard for its injection …

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