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The latest new products for Industrial Ethernet automation and control networking.

EtherWAN EX73900X series

Layer 3 Managed Switch with 10G Bandwidth

New switch from EtherWAN provides high bandwidth and high electromagnetic compatibility for industrial automation, machine vision, enhanced data, …

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The RTU3000C monitors remote measuring points even in locations without external power sources and records and buffers values of the connected sensors with a time stamp.

Industrial Edge ecosystem offers connectivity solutions

An ecosystem of hardware, software and connectivity solutions is required to create effective Industrial Edge platforms and infrastructure. …

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Hardware Module for Implementing Ethernet-APL Field Devices

Hardware Module for Implementing Ethernet-APL Field Devices

commModule APL, a new hardware module from Softing Industrial Automation, is designed to support device manufacturers in implementing …

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Standalone gateways like the HES HART to Ethernet Gateway System provide an economical pathway to extracting HART data from field devices.

Economically Bridging the Gap Between HART Devices and IIoT

Standalone gateways like the HES HART to Ethernet Gateway System from Moore Industries provide an economical pathway to …

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EtherWAN Industrial Ethernet Switch

Making a secure and manageable smart network at lightning speeds

A new Ethernet switch with cost-effective and operational efficiencies can meet expectations and simplify the burden of configuration …

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PoE-capable SCALANCE X switches are used in various sectors including factory automation, infrastructure applications, and transportation

Energy and data for PoE-capable end devices

Power over Ethernet solutions offered with new SCALANCE X Industrial Ethernet switches from Siemens.

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Cisco Catalyst IE9300 Rugged Series Switch

Catalyst 9000 industrial Ethernet switches

The new Catalyst IE9300 from Cisco Systems offers a broad set of networking capabilities in one industrial switch.

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Fanless switch

Fanless 10Gb port switch

New 10-port open-frame switch includes two 10-gigabit ports with either copper or fiber.

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