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WiFi 6 is providing key technology for a broad range of industrial IIoT solutions.

How Wi-Fi 6/6E enables Industry 4.0

A Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) report explores how autonomous Mobile Robots, Automatic Guided Vehicles, Augmented and Virtual Reality …

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Infrastructure requirements for rapid roaming.

Rapid roaming technology for wireless industrial networks

A Rapid Roaming enhanced WIFI client monitors surroundings and prepares new access points (APs) before die-down and drop-off …

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Long range, low power sensors can be embedded into supply chain assets (pallets and containers).

IoT-connected sensors bring geolocation services to the supply chain

IoT-connected sensors with cloud-based geolocation capabilities allow organizations to monitor assets over large geographic regions. With this technology …

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Private LTE is a local and private cellular network that includes cell sites and core network servers dedicated to supporting the connectivity of a specific organization’s requirements.

Private LTE network technology for industrial applications

pLTE is truly a paradigm shift for industrial customers with challenging wireless needs. Businesses requiring a more secure …

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Cityscape Connections

Using blend of networks for production scale IoT deployments

Wireless and cellular networks offer an array of solutions for IoT deployments. Identifying the parameters of the use …

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Thanks to shorter latency, automated guided vehicles can be safely operated in large numbers even at higher speeds.

Wi-Fi 6: boost in efficiency for industrial applications?

The question is not whether, but how IEEE 802.11ax (also known as Wi-Fi 6) and 5G are driving …

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LoRa Why Range is important graphic

5G isn’t for everyone: How Alternate IoT Solutions come into play

Complementary IoT solutions are filling the gap here where 5G may be costly, or when deployments simply cannot …

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Nick Sacke, head of IoT and products at Comms365

Blend of networks for production scale in wireless IoT deployments

Nick Sacke, head of IoT and products at Comms365, outlines the key considerations and questions that must be …

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