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5G support for multiple time synchronization domains and uplink synchronization via the network.

5G with TSN for industrial communications

A prevailing view is that integration of 5G and TSN will increasingly become more important to industrial automation …

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5G graphic Earth Background

5G Drives mmWave Technology to Impact Multiple Industries

Advancements in telecommunications networks is generating a reaction in other industries that will unfold in the years to …

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The main benefits of 5G are higher bandwidth, greater reliability, lower latency, and lower power consumption.

Secure remote access via public 5G networks

It is only a matter of time until 5G will establish itself in industry. The flexibility of 5G …

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Enhanced Mobile Broadband with 5G

5g on test bench for industry: what’s possible in the future?

5G and other wireless technologies represent an ideal supplement to wired communication solutions, each with its own specific …

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Abstract Background

Industrial 5G technology offers potential wireless standard

5G implements technical enhancements over 4G, and is specifically targeting industrial automation. 5G as a technology has already …

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WiFi 6 Certified includes a range of new features , many of which will strengthen the ability to use wireless communications for enterprise connectivity solutions.

Next generation Wi-Fi 6: the future of wireless connectivity

The growing expectations on Wi-Fi performance, coverage, security, support for new use cases, applications and devices require a …

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Real-time TSN networks & future standards

Leveraging the combination of a real-time-capable communication technology (TSN) and real-time-capable language (OPC UA PubSub) makes it possible …

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ISA100.11a uses a star topology where groups of individual end devices communicate with a router, which sends data to and from the gateway.

Trade-offs selecting a wireless instrumentation protocol

The larger wireless landscape has changed since the introduction of WirelessHART and ISA100.11a. These two standards have changed …

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