Roana Case Study Facility 1

CC-Link IE networking at Roana’s biomass power plant

The Italian farm Roana has invested in a biomass plant that utilises livestock manure and other organic waste …

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Factory Automation

Process device diagnostics leverages NAMUR NE 107

The goal of NAMUR NE 107 diagnostics is to limit downtime and increase plant performance. An effective Process …

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Automated Water Management

Automated water management for fracking and water transfer

Automation reduces costs, improves safety for unconventional natural gas production in the Permian Basin. Increasingly, oil and gas …

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Palm oil tank farms ready for digitalization

Palm oil tank farms ready for digitalization

Direct integration of Profibus PA field level into Ethernet control systems has created transparency and consistency for a …

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Field devices can be replaced before they break as part of a predictive maintenance strategy.

Mobile configuration of field devices in process industry

Digital, mobile, networked and standardized solutions are providing new connectivity for process control users to communicate via HART, …

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Reliability and performance of network connectivity and cabling are essential in oil and gas environments.

Industrial Ethernet: optimal for harsh oil and gas demands

A robust Industrial Ethernet network using environmentally hardened cabling, connectivity and active components is essential to long-term performance …

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The information network is the backbone of any complex gas, oil, and petrochemical operation.

Wireless mesh networks in today’s petrochemical industry

Scalable, high-bandwidth kinetic mesh networks are providing unmatched connectivity for upstream, midstream, and downstream applications in the petrochemical …

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All-in-one industrial secure routers provide a solution for secure remote access that become a major asset for smart oil fields.

Challenges in networking the smart oil field

The concept of a smart oil field is one that is generally much more efficient and safe than …

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