The comprehensive digitalization of Gaznat’s pressure reducing and measuring stations increases the efficiency and accuracy of the natural gas supply.

Smart grid implementation for accurate gas management

Monitoring a natural gas supply network with EtherCAT terminals is designed for explosion protection. In terms of economic …

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The diaphragm embossing machine from Keller AG, which appears in anti-reflective red light, can be conveniently operated from all sides via the customer-specific CP3921 multi-touch Control Panel.

Open and scalable controls automate process sequences

Diaphragm embossing machine for pressure sensor technology illustrates how the demanding process sequences can be automated with the …

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Effective collection and analysis of vehicle data during truck testing is key to the project success.

Digitally integrated net-zero emissions mining solution

ABB has announced it is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate the adoption of new and …

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The measured values come from a structure-borne sound transmitter located on the pump body, a pressure transmitter connected to a pressure measuring bore, and a rotary encoder adapted either directly via the crank shaft or the engine. Here you can see the pressure transmitter.

Smart Monitoring Tracks Pump Operation and Analytics

A new monitoring system from LEWA makes operators more effective and pumps smart-factory-ready.

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Roana Case Study Facility 1

CC-Link IE networking at Roana’s biomass power plant

The Italian farm Roana has invested in a biomass plant that utilises livestock manure and other organic waste …

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Electromagnetic flowmeters offer reliability even in low flow conditions, in areas where most mechanical flowmeters would fail.

Digital water management provides pumping solutions

SCADA solution helps monitor and analyze daily flow consumption patterns, thereby identifying possible leaks and sending the information …

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Factory Automation

Process device diagnostics leverages NAMUR NE 107

The goal of NAMUR NE 107 diagnostics is to limit downtime and increase plant performance. An effective Process …

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Automated Water Management

Automated water management for fracking and water transfer

Automation reduces costs, improves safety for unconventional natural gas production in the Permian Basin. Increasingly, oil and gas …

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