EtherWAN IG5 rack mount series managed switches

Reliable Performance in Grid & Traffic Control Applications

New grid trends and Smart Traffic Control can reduce energy dependence and slow the global greenhouse effect.

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World’s first 15 MW wind turbine built by Vestas

World’s first 15 MW wind turbine built by Vestas

More than 10,000 Vestas wind turbines with scalable distributed control system have been deployed in the field, and …

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Monitoring of energy networks – How to make it easy and secure.

Monitoring of energy networks – how to make it easy and secure

By using Smart Grid gateways for monitoring energy networks, existing systems, new devices and control systems can be …

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Cyber Vision deployment in manufacturing plants.

Blendtech cuts cost of API 2350 compliance

Cost-effective automated reconciliation for petroleum distribution terminals improves safety and accounting. Using an edge controller, Blendtech was able …

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The overlay network uses the 172 IP address range on top of the SD-WAN’s IPv6, creating a large pool of IP addresses that won’t conflict with each other.

SCADA pipeline system from edge-to-cloud in record time

ARB Midstream built a complete SCADA system for an oil pipeline with 37 sites in just six months. …

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System Diagram

M2M protocols offer integration with field devices and meters

Industrial RTUs, which are configured redundantly in the control center, help to ensure reliable network security and management …

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Data-centric databus

Visibility and control over Distributed Energy Resources

A data-centric databus is the structure that enables disparate Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) to work together as an …

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Data acquired from inverters, meters, transformers, and other edge devices can be send to a DER management system to maintain the grid in a stable state and meet the energy requirements of customers.

Enabling IIoT connectivity for virtual power plants

Leveraging IIoT connectivity for virtual power plants requires high data speeds and quick response times. In this ecosystem, …

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