With the highly flexible XTS for material handling, Eclipse was able to produce a very highly condensed assembly system for its automotive-industry customer. Picture: © Eclipse Automation

Transport changeover time plunges from 1 hour to 1 minute

An XTS-based assembly line uses an advanced automation control system to minimize the machine footprint for automotive industry …

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BOS deployed its L-MS laser cutting machine for a tier-1 automotive manufacturer while integrating automated loading, inspection and de-burr technology Picture: © BOS Innovations

Efficient motion control for 5-axis fiber laser cutting system

EtherCAT and PC-based automation provides tools for a turnkey solution for auto manufacturer’s fiber laser cutting system. Drive …

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János Imrei, service manager of Plasma-Tech Systems, in front of the PTL 4001 fiber laser cutting machine Picture: © CNCMedia

TwinCAT and CAM connections increase productivity of fiber laser machining centers

Plasma-Tech Systems, based in Csongrád, Hungary, manufactures custom laser equipment and specialized machines. With the PTL 4001, a …

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Smart Factory Steel Melt Shop Operations

Smart factory steel melt shop operations

ABB launches industry-first smart factory solution for safer, more autonomous and efficient steel melt shop operations.

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Partial Emerald 66 architecture.

From warehouse to enterprise with edge computing

New hand sanitizer packaging plant uses unique automation architecture to run at the pace of modern business. A …

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AriZona wanted a comprehensive solution for HMI, SCADA and MES that would connect to its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

AriZona’s new plant connects SCADA/MES with ERP

The AriZona Beverages plant will produce more than 60 million cases per year. The connection to ERP is …

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groov EPIC embedded inside the truck’s lift system

Dignified Motors introduces technology to mobility industry

An innovative engineer turns to edge controller technology to power an EPIC Chevy Silverado lift system. Opto 22 …

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Beckhoff Ramp Canada 2019 02

Scalable automation solution for heat exchanger manufacturing

PC-based automation, drive networking and Ethernet I/O reduces control technology cost and cycle times for OEM machinery builder. …

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