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Time Sensitive Networking graphic.

Converged IT-OT networks using Time-Sensitive Networking

Machine control networking is built on consistent data delivery of data between controllers, sensors and actuators. TSN is …

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Figure 1: The mechanisms of Time Sensitive Networks in combination with Profinet form the optimal architecture for AI applications.

The optimal network concept for artificial intelligence

Time Sensitive Networks in combination with Profinet provides mechanisms to form an optimal architecture for AI applications. Compared …

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AI generated factory automation networ.king image

Leveraging the benefits of TSN in manufacturing applications

With Time-Sensitive Networking creating a standard, unified network that supports different devices, IT and OT convergence are able …

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CC-Link IE TSN converges motion control with safety and general I/O control to deliver high performance.

CC-Link IE TSN sets battery industry in motion

Leveraging the right network technology can help lithium-ion battery (LiB) manufacturers get the most from exciting market opportunities …

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When Orisol wanted to futureproof its offering, CC-Link IE TSN offered the ideal technology.

TSN revolutionises footwear manufacturing

Footwear equipment specialist Orisol applied TSN technology to its solutions in order to help drive forward the digitalisation …

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The new SZ-6000 is an extremely productive additive manufacturing (AM) machine that provided Shashin Kagaku a significant lead over its competition while offering customers a significant increase in productivity.

CC-Link IE TSN adds value to additive manufacturing

New additive manufacturing machines from Shashin Kagaku utilize gigabit bandwidth to achieve component production times that are ten …

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Keller identified the convergent network architecture benefits offered by CC-Link IE TSN and plan to add additional machine functions, like vision systems, on the same network architecture.

CC-Link IE TSN drives innovation in bottle printing

Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) along with use of CC-Link IE TSN has enabled new bottle printing machines to deliver …

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CC-Link IE TSN brings a series of technology benefits to smart manufacturing applications.

Time-Sensitive Networking in smart manufacturing

Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) combined with Industrial Ethernet in smart manufacturing applications offers deterministic performance for automation and control …

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