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Industrial Edge & Cloud Computing

The optimal use of data and connectivity between enterprise systems and the plant floor easily, flexibly and securely offers a wide range of benefits for manufacturers. IT technologies need to play a vital role in IIoT system architectures, with gateways are evolving to provide more flexible, innovative and efficient software solutions.

Focus on Industrial Edge

Edge computing utilizes a distributed computing model to bring processing power and data storage closer to locations in the factory to improve response times, save bandwidth and reduce network latency. Often used in conjunction with cloud computing , it provides companies more flexible and agile capabilities, increases operational efficiency and reduces risks/costs in industrial IoT applications.

UC 8200 MIL3

Emergence of edge and cloud computing enabled by IEC-62443

The adoption of IEC-62443 is set to play a crucial role in enabling digital manufacturing and will have …

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How the Industrial Edge is impacting smart manufacturing

How the Industrial Edge is impacting smart manufacturing

Industrial Edge and cloud computing technologies provide scalable, flexible computing resources for storing, analyzing, and visualizing the vast …

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Edge computing describes a system of decentralized edge nodes located close to a physical data source. Edge node connect both to devices and to a central platform and can be managed centrally with the processing of the data collected either being handled within the edge node or central platform.

Machine connectivity and industrial edge computing

Software and IT innovation are the primary drivers for manufacturing investment. Solution architectures are expected to consolidate around …

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Major market segments illustrate the areas where Ethernet technology continues to make a major impact on the world of networking and computing.

Intelligent gateways for manufacturing in the digital era

Benefits at multiple levels can be obtained by centralizing the collection of accurate data directly from production systems, …

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The need for more flexible and open industrial plant and automation systems--combined with the emergence of the IoT, Industry 4.0, advances in AI/ML--is driving the adoption of a new generation of edge computing solutions.

Edge computing set to revolutionize manufacturing

Edge software platforms can be a critical enabler of data-driven automation solutions. They abstract Operations Technology (OT) systems …

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AR is a solution whose effectiveness and value to industry are more proven than ever to increase industrial productivity.

Six benefits of augmented reality in manufacturing

Augmented reality provides a multiplier effect for improving the efficiency and quality of production and inspection processes. The …

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BridgeVPN Solution

Understanding options for remote access control

VPN solutions accommodate a variety of remote access needs. A RemoteVPN subscription service offers secure remote communication without …

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IIoT Megatrends: 2023 Special Report

Industry experts provide their perspective on the megatrends and technology shaping the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Automation …

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