IIoT applications

IIoT Architectures

Industrial Edge & Cloud Computing

The optimal use of data and connectivity between enterprise systems and the plant floor easily, flexibly and securely offers a wide range of benefits for manufacturers. IT technologies need to play a vital role in IIoT system architectures, with gateways are evolving to provide more flexible, innovative and efficient software solutions.

Focus on Industrial Edge

Edge computing utilizes a distributed computing model to bring processing power and data storage closer to locations in the factory to improve response times, save bandwidth and reduce network latency. Often used in conjunction with cloud computing , it provides companies more flexible and agile capabilities, increases operational efficiency and reduces risks/costs in industrial IoT applications.

Universal graphical programming reduces software development expenditures. (Image source: whiteMocca@shutterstock.com)

Edge computing for easily implementing IoT applications

Intelligent IoT edge solutions can close the gap between the IT and OT worlds. With preinstalled software packages …

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OPC UA FX Field EXchange Featured Image

OPC UA FX (Field eXchange) for the Field Level

OPC UA is establishing itself as an industrial interoperability standard not only for the vertical integration from the …

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Industrial Edge Computing in the Smart Factory

The rising role of Industrial Edge Computing in the IIoT

In this 2022 special report, industry experts provide their perspective on the role of the Industrial Edge in …

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Figure 1 - OPC UA Model for a Drill Press

Mapping CIP to OPC UA: companion specification update

The world is abuzz with talk of the next industrial revolution, Industry 4.0. Digitization, smart technologies, machine-to-machine communications, …

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A powerful case can be made for cross-facility digitalisation in the brewing industry, and how data collection in breweries is vital for this process.

Standardising data collection in breweries

As the beer industry continues to expand globally, brewing companies that operate across multiple international sites face issues …

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Smart manufacturing

5 Ways Smart Factory Analytics Bridge Data and Communication Silos

Manufacturing companies across the world are trying to figure out a way to integrate data and simulate it …

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Intelligent Actuators: PD42-1243-IOLINK Stepper Motor and EoAT Gripper

Intelligence at the Edge: boost productivity and improve costs

As factories strive to boost productivity and improve operational costs, the demand to deliver new technology that empowers …

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Edge XRT High Level Component View

Simplifying Development of Real-time Industrial Edge Systems

New Edge XRT technology provides extended OT connectivity, auto-discovery for easy device onboarding, a new MQTT API to …

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