IIoT applications

IIoT Architectures

Industrial Edge & Cloud Computing

The optimal use of data and connectivity between enterprise systems and the plant floor easily, flexibly and securely offers a wide range of benefits for manufacturers. IT technologies need to play a vital role in IIoT system architectures, with gateways are evolving to provide more flexible, innovative and efficient software solutions.

Focus on Industrial Edge

Edge computing utilizes a distributed computing model to bring processing power and data storage closer to locations in the factory to improve response times, save bandwidth and reduce network latency. Often used in conjunction with cloud computing , it provides companies more flexible and agile capabilities, increases operational efficiency and reduces risks/costs in industrial IoT applications.

From this topology, it is easy to see that the Device Edge through the Compute Edge are applicable to machine and equipment builders.

Edge computing for smart factories and smarter machines

Edge computing platforms offer new revenue and cost reduction opportunities for machine and equipment manufacturers. They also offer …

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Edge computing is a next step in the evolution of Ethernet-based automation and machine control networking.

No edge computing without an appropriate network

With the continuing emergence of the Industrial Edge, the industrial network will play an even more central and …

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Opto 22 Groov RIO Edge Controller

Distributed I/O and control builds IIoT from edge to cloud

Next generation digital I/O and more distributed global architectures are enabling connectivity to the cloud for sensors and …

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Edge computing and AI

Edge computing and AI create Industrial AIoT applications

Enabling AI capabilities at the edge can improve operational efficiency and reduce risks and costs for industrial applications. …

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Edge computing offers the opportunity to provide a more secure environment regardless of how one would deploy.

Edge computing key driver for wider IoT deployments

IoT applications require real-time response, but deploying the compute and storage resources for IoT in the cloud may …

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IIoT edge gateways need to perform several different functions and process large amounts of data from many different sensors and actuators at each oil well in real time.

How Industrial Linux enables distributed IIoT applications

Distributed IIoT applications require robust, secure operating systems to preprocess mission-critical information before transmitting to the cloud. Capable …

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Industrial edge control security design and best practices

To address security’s complex, changing nature, system designers need to understand security risks and their environment, along with …

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Is software-led disruption is setting new expectations to the market for cloud storage & analytics.?

Looking at the world of cloud vendors: industrial edition

Automation vendors in the data storage business have enjoyed an advantage for years because their components, sensors and …

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