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Optical transceivers are available in three main categories.

SFP, QSFP or CFP? Which optical transceiver is best?

Optical transceivers are widely used in networking hardware installations, with different modules used for specific applications. While they …

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Ovarro AlarmVision Dashboard

Enabling optimum use of existing data

Cloud-based applications are providing opportunities for more resilient and flexible network management options, enabling them to make better …

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Industrial Edge impact on smart manufacturing

Industrial Edge technologies are making an impact on smart manufacturing. In this special report, industry experts comment on …

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Nerve Blue Illustration

How Industrial Edge technology fuels digital transformation

Edge computing facilitates data processing at the edge of a network, close to the edge devices, and avoids …

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Ethernet Connections

SPE: enhanced cloud access to sensors and peripherals

SPE, short for Single Pair Ethernet, is expected by many to revolutionize the way modern industrial communication networks …

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EtherNet/IP Network Portion of ACHEMA Pulse Ethernet-APL Multivendor Demonstration.

Ethernet-APL: the future of process automation connectivity

Competition and cost pressures combined with Industry 4.0 have made device health status, operations analytics and predictive maintenance …

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The industrial world is being driven to more and more close integration from sensor to cloud.

Data optimization at the edge with local data processing

The industrial world is being driven to more and more “close integration” from sensors to the cloud. Industries …

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As digitalization and connectivity in manufacturing increases, secure remote access to industrial assets is becoming more important.

Industrial Edge: remote access methods and security

Remote access to assets at the industrial edge iimproves flexibility for many workflows in diagnostics and maintenance. This …

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