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IIoT Megatrends: 2023 Special Report

Industry experts provide their perspective on the megatrends and technology shaping the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Automation …

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Optimized Production with Data Integration for Industrial IoT

The digitalization and networking of plants and processes create the basis for optimized production. But how can it …

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Moxa secure routers

All-in-one Secure Routers Protect Critical Infrastructure

Moxa launches Industrial Intrusion Prevention Systems on its all-in-one secure routers to protect critical infrastructure.

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Nerve node software runs on devices at the edge and the Nerve Management System runs in the cloud or on a local server.

Nerve: a Secure Basis for Edge Computing

The Nerve software platform serves as a secure foundation to manage software and devices in plants across the …

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Universal graphical programming reduces software development expenditures. (Image source:

Edge computing for easily implementing IoT applications

Intelligent IoT edge solutions can close the gap between the IT and OT worlds. With preinstalled software packages …

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OPC UA FX Field EXchange Featured Image

OPC UA FX (Field eXchange) for the Field Level

OPC UA is establishing itself as an industrial interoperability standard not only for the vertical integration from the …

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Industrial Edge Computing in the Smart Factory

The rising role of Industrial Edge Computing in the IIoT

In this 2022 special report, industry experts provide their perspective on the role of the Industrial Edge in …

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Figure 1 - OPC UA Model for a Drill Press

Mapping CIP to OPC UA: companion specification update

The world is abuzz with talk of the next industrial revolution, Industry 4.0. Digitization, smart technologies, machine-to-machine communications, …

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