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Edge XRT High Level Component View

Simplifying the Development of Real-time Industrial Edge Systems

New Edge XRT technology provides extended OT connectivity, auto-discovery for easy device onboarding, a new MQTT API to …

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Universal graphical programming reduces software development expenditures. (Image source:

Edge computing for easily implementing IoT applications

Intelligent IoT edge solutions can close the gap between the IT and OT worlds. With preinstalled software packages …

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System Overview

Secure data and network in IIoT applications

Solar plants have critical monitoring and management needs. In many cases, traditional wired infrastructure for monitoring and management …

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The scalable data infrastructure in the Porsche plants in Leipzig and Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen with the Manufacturing Data Platform from Cybus. (© Cybus GmbH)

Digital solutions in production by integrating OT and IT

The Porsche plants in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen and Leipzig implemented a common data infrastructure and universal cloud connectivity based on …

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COPA-DATA is an independent software manufacturer that specializes in digitalization for the manufacturing industry and energy sector.

Edge computing and its role in the smart factory:

Making sense of the edge, most manufacturing facilities are not in a position for the widespread deployment of …

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OPC for Cloud LinkedIn 1280x720 2022 1

Leading IoT Vendors Commit to OPC UA Adoption

Major IoT vendors including AWS, Google Cloud, IBM, Microsoft, SAP and SIEMENS leverage secure, standardized information exchange in …

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Smart Manufacturing plant

IT-OT Convergence Special Report 2022

Industry experts weigh in and provide their perspective on the state of IT-OT Convergence in the modern manufacturing …

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In the industrial IoT, all automation components and smart objects are flexibly linked to one another and connected to cloud systems

IIoT architectures revolutionize factory production management

Ever shorter response times, increasing volatility and almost unmanageable complexity are bringing production challenges into sharp focus. But …

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