Roana Case Study Facility 1

CC-Link IE networking at Roana’s biomass power plant

The Italian farm Roana has invested in a biomass plant that utilises livestock manure and other organic waste …

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To share data effectively from multiple protocols, independent software that is suitable for facilities with multiple equipment types is essential.

Digital retrofitting in pharmaceutical manufacturing

The pace of change in the pharmaceutical industry is faster, fiercer and often more urgent than ever before. …

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Wolverine line extenders (bottom right) remove the need to install new fiber optic cabling.

Cost-effective upgrade of water pumping station control

Ethernet line extenders enable existing telecom cables to be used for new resilient data communications network supporting updated …

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The top seed companies in the U.S. divide acceptable seeds from those that do not meet color or size standards using software and hardware solutions from VMek.

High data rates for effective vision-based sorting

Optical sorting machines for the seed industry rely on EtherCAT plug-in modules for fast real-time communication technology that …

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Kovarna Robot

Cables create reliable connections in the forge

The VIVA Forging Company relies on LAPP for cables. Its Czech Republic forging operation uses cables in its …

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Transportation Trains

TSN in the railway sector: why, what and how?

The railway sector has evolved from serial Train Communication Networks to Ethernet-based solutions. But the lack of real-time …

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Protocol tools such as Wireshark can capture any network traffic that goes through the switch regardless of the port location of the traffic.

Industrial diagnostic switch simplifies system testing

Testing and system debugging Ethernet switches is a significant issue for machine builders. One solution is a switch …

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The Orkla factory in Indre Arna is highly automated and requires reliable communication for applications such as automated transport of raw materials and finished products.

Secure and reliable network switches increase productivity

A state-of-the-art industrial network provides a stable, reliable, and secure communication backbone for all operations at the Orkla …

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