industrial wireless automation solutions enable a quick, simple, and scalable retrofit on Ulmer’s existing machines. By connecting an IO-Link optical proximity sensor on each machine to CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless Bridge, the TigoBridge, it enabled wireless real-time communication of product carton counts to the TigoMaster IO-Link Wireless Master unit, and from there to the PLC via PROFINET for data processing.

Boosting chocolate manufacturing with industrial wireless

Integrating industrial-grade wireless connectivity enabled chocolate manufacturer, Ulmer Schokoladen, to increase productivity, enhance the agility of production lines …

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Steel pouring process at POK.

Nucor subsidiary POK brings foundry to Industry 4.0

Nucor factory saves initial and recurring costs, improves products with groov EPIC and Ignition solutions. The challenge was …

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The comprehensive digitalization of Gaznat’s pressure reducing and measuring stations increases the efficiency and accuracy of the natural gas supply.

Smart grid implementation for accurate gas management

Monitoring a natural gas supply network with EtherCAT terminals is designed for explosion protection. In terms of economic …

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Famiel Confectionery sells a variety of cakes to hotels and restaurants nationwide in Japan. Photo shows the process of spreading jam on baked cheesecakes.

Energy management and demand monitoring generates savings

Analyzing peaks in power consumption allowed confectionery manufacturer to optimize energy use throughout the entire manufacturing process. Visualization, …

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As with a machine vision system on an assembly line, a vision-guided robot uses intelligent processing to give it instructions. A slight alteration to the code allows the same robot to perform entirely different tasks, i.e., switching between products and batch runs, with no mechanical adjustments.

Vision-Guided robots: Cameras Give Robots Human-Like Functions

As with a machine vision system on an assembly line, a vision-guided robot uses intelligent processing to give …

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Basic structure of the monitoring system.

EtherCAT Measurement Terminals for Wind Farm Monitoring

Accurate and fast data are crucial for the essential synchronization in wind farms. Continuously monitoring the turbine, blades …

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Witte Automotive focuses on the production of components for passenger cars. Door locks, safety hooks and door handles come off their production lines every day. Due to the scope of the produced range, it is essential that the control system is flexible and can be quickly reconfigured remotely.

Remote Production Management: Anytime, Anywhere

The possibility of access to relevant data and use of a virtually unlimited remote management system from any …

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Azcal well pumps all feed the same mainline pipe, leading to complex pressure management requirements.

IIoT and automation saves time and enhances control

Farm Data Systems and Azcal Management reduce pump management time by up to 90%. FDS Ignition client app …

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