The diaphragm embossing machine from Keller AG, which appears in anti-reflective red light, can be conveniently operated from all sides via the customer-specific CP3921 multi-touch Control Panel.

Open and scalable controls automate process sequences

Diaphragm embossing machine for pressure sensor technology illustrates how the demanding process sequences can be automated with the …

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VXLAN is a protocol that embeds the logical Layer 2 communication in Layer 3 packets. This makes it possible to transmit Layer 2 protocols transparently across network boundaries, such as in routed Layer 3 5G infrastructures. This new approach is enabling use of PROFINET over private 5G industrial networks.

PROFINET communication in private industrial 5G networks

VXLAN is a protocol that embeds the logical Layer 2 communication in Layer 3 packets. This makes it …

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Brewing teams will be empowered to take better decisions at the right time using modern interfaces and intuitive insights.

BeerMaker intelligent process control solution

Brewery-specific ABB Ability™ BeerMaker intelligent process control solution will support safety and quality improvements, boost productivity and raise …

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Moore Industries Featured Editorial

Temperature Concentrator System Handles Up to 32 Measurements and More

Moore Industries’ TCS Temperature Concentrator System is an ideal solution for low-cost temperature measurements.

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ROBUR Automation relies on Scalance LPE, a local processing engine, to provide a whole new parking experience in the German city of Miltenberg.

Secure and smart: Edge computing with SCALANCE LPE

Data is a treasure for every company; the question is how to lift this treasure safely and efficiently? …

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Each EXPERT follows a standard, reliable design that can be mounted on the roof above the area it serves.

Effective Control Systems Key to Launching a Nationwide Equipment Network

ALTA Refrigeration uses automation control technology to achieve faster, easier product development and servicing with groov EPIC and …

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Lamination coils of various widths can feed into the X-Shear, depending on transformer core sizes. Picture: © Beckhoff

PC-based control and EtherCAT boost machine throughput 55%

A fully integrated EtherCAT control platform has resulted in an efficient and precise machine for manufacturing transformer cores. …

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János Imrei, service manager of Plasma-Tech Systems, in front of the PTL 4001 fiber laser cutting machine Picture: © CNCMedia

TwinCAT and CAM connections increase productivity of fiber laser machining centers

Plasma-Tech Systems, based in Csongrád, Hungary, manufactures custom laser equipment and specialized machines. With the PTL 4001, a …

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