Lamination coils of various widths can feed into the X-Shear, depending on transformer core sizes. Picture: © Beckhoff

PC-based control and EtherCAT boost machine throughput 55%

A fully integrated EtherCAT control platform has resulted in an efficient and precise machine for manufacturing transformer cores. …

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János Imrei, service manager of Plasma-Tech Systems, in front of the PTL 4001 fiber laser cutting machine Picture: © CNCMedia

TwinCAT and CAM connections increase productivity of fiber laser machining centers

Plasma-Tech Systems, based in Csongrád, Hungary, manufactures custom laser equipment and specialized machines. With the PTL 4001, a …

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Smart Factory Steel Melt Shop Operations

Smart factory steel melt shop operations

ABB launches industry-first smart factory solution for safer, more autonomous and efficient steel melt shop operations.

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IIoT solutions utilise compact and smart sensors, a resource-saving and cost-efficient infrastructure and a universal Ethernet protocol with real-time capability.

HARTING, B&R and SICK presenting use case for digitalisation in robotics

Three strong pillars will enable robot companies to seamlessly network robots from sensors to the cloud in the …

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Effective collection and analysis of vehicle data during truck testing is key to the project success.

Digitally integrated net-zero emissions mining solution

ABB has announced it is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate the adoption of new and …

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Advanced traffic management system diagram.

Advanced traffic management using secure data acquisition

Before revamping an existing traffic management systems, ask three questions to guide the design and implementation. Effective traffic …

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Barilla’s production gains advantages from a new OT network.

Barilla implements digital connectivity at sauce plant

Digital connectivity at a Barilla factory provided key solutions including elimination of times of inactivity, real-time analyses of …

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Programming interface enables operators to adjust and correct the actions of the robot in real-time.

AI algorithms simplify complex robot applications

AI-based software facilitates man-machine collaboration using the MI.RA / Dexter software and Racer-5 COBOT to automate and simplify …

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