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Industrial Ethernet

The use of Industrial Ethernet hardware and communication protocols has become the backbone for automation and machine control networks, and connectivity with corporate networks throughout industry. The emergence of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0, and technologies such as Single Pair Ethernet, have solidified Industrial Ethernet's position as a key technology driving digital transformation for smart manufacturing.

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Industrial Ethernet is the use of Ethernet in industry using communication protocols that provide determinism and real-time automation machine control. Protocols for Industrial Ethernet include EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, POWERLINK, SERCOS III, CC-Link IE and Modbus TCP. Industrial Ethernet is also deployed in a wide range of controllers, networking equipment and computers utilizing Ethernet cabling and connectors for automation or process control.

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2023 Factory Automation Connectivity Showcase

This Connectivity Showcase presents the viewpoints of eight industry experts. With Factory Automation Connectivity Solutions, manufacturers are collecting …

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The Ethernet-APL topology and architecture provides key benefits for new potential applications.

EtherNet/IP technology and applications update

EtherNet/IP offers a potent industrial automation network solution by relying on commercial-off-the-shelf technology and standard, unmodified Internet Protocol …

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HARTING & SICK support TRUMPF with connected services for autonomous all-in-one laser centres

HARTING supports TRUMPF with connected services for autonomous all-in-one laser centres

Single Pair Ethernet as backbone for IoT data services.

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HARTING T1 Industrial Single Pair Ethernet solutions.

2023 Special Report: Industrial Ethernet Cables & Connector Solutions

Single Pair Ethernet is leading the way by enabling new possibilities for smart factory digitalization. But industry experts …

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With its modular machine concepts, MA micro automation benefits from PC-based control as a flexible automation platform, as well as from the equally flexible installation concepts with EtherCAT P and One Cable Technology (OCT). Picture: © MA micro automation

One-cable solution: efficiency for modular machine building

One cable technology and EtherCAT P minimize system cabling for a medical equipment manufacturer, and ensure significant increases …

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Stripped ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD zeroCM.

zeroCM® technology reduces interference currents

New technology does not eliminate the cause of EMC interference, but it does address significant points at which …

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Smart Manufacturing plant

Why an IP Rating matters when specifying an industrial switch

Manufacturers of Ethernet switches and other industrial networking devices often make vague claims like “weatherproof” or “dust-resistant” about …

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Communication and safety are key goals for mobile robot manufacturers.

Communication and safety challenges facing mobile robots

To solve many communication and safety challenges mobile robot manufacturers must establish a wireless connection, send data over …

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