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The use of Industrial Ethernet hardware and communication protocols has become the backbone for automation and machine control networks, and connectivity with corporate networks throughout industry. The emergence of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0, and technologies such as Single Pair Ethernet, have solidified Industrial Ethernet's position as a key technology driving digital transformation for smart manufacturing.

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Industrial Ethernet is the use of Ethernet in industry using communication protocols that provide determinism and real-time automation machine control. Protocols for Industrial Ethernet include EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, POWERLINK, SERCOS III, CC-Link IE and Modbus TCP. Industrial Ethernet is also deployed in a wide range of controllers, networking equipment and computers utilizing Ethernet cabling and connectors for automation or process control.

Kyland Technology Launches First Newsletter – Kyland Connect

Get the product news, company news, success stories, and industry insights that will help you in finding the …

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Carbon emission control through wireless IoT technology

Carbon emission control through wireless IoT technology

AiR GUARD technology uses a cellular wireless device to enable monitoring and calculation of the carbon dioxide produced …

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A clear example of connector wear-and-tear is found in the auto manufacturing process, where hundreds of mating cycles occur each day between a robot arm and its changing toolset.

Industrial wireless connectors and the factory of the future

Phoenix Contact has a vision to leap manufacturing forward today with fast industrial wireless connectors. It found a …

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Multi-axis Robotics application

Timing challenges for multi-axis robotics and machine tool apps

In high performance, multi-axis, synchronized motion applications, control timing requirements are precise, deterministic, and time critical, with a …

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Defense In Depth

Industrial Cybersecurity 2022 Special Report

In this special report, industry experts provide their perspective on trends and innovations in Industrial Cybersecurity. Security on …

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To monitor power usage and quality, the power supply equipment including switchgears, PDUs, and UPSs connect to networks to allow operators to receive real-time information. .

Enhancing Cybersecurity for Connected Serial Devices

High-profile cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure has underlined the need for industrial organizations to prioritize cybersecurity. This article discusses …

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Figure 1 EtherNet/IP over TLS and DTLS layering.

Expanding CIP Security with CIP Authorization Profile

The CIP Security Authorization Profile enhances CIP to provide additional security properties such as general, flexible authorization where …

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Trunk-and-spur network topology for process automation with 10BASE-T1L MAC-PHY and 10BASE-T1L PHY.

10BASE-T1L MAC-PHY for Low Power Ethernet Connectivity

A 10 Mb Ethernet physical layer (10BASE-T1L) combined with power delivery (Engineered Power/PoDL/SPoE) on two wires, up to …

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