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Industrial Ethernet

The use of Industrial Ethernet hardware and communication protocols has become the backbone for automation and machine control networks, along with its use in corporate networks, throughout industry. The emergence of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0, along with emerging technologies such as Single Pair Ethernet, has solidified its position as a key technology driving digital transformation for smart manufacturing.

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Industrial Ethernet is the use of Ethernet in industry using communication protocols that provide determinism and real-time automation machine control. Protocols for Industrial Ethernet include EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, POWERLINK, SERCOS III, CC-Link IE and Modbus TCP. Industrial Ethernet is also deployed in a wide range of controllers, networking equipment and computers utilizing Ethernet cabling and connectors for automation or process control.

EtherCAT Solutions Update Special Report

2022 EtherCAT Solutions Update: Special Report

Special report provides an update on EtherCAT automation and control technology, and the viewpoint of industry experts in …

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Smart Manufacturing plant

Single Pair Ethernet and Ethernet-APL: 2022 Special Report

Learn what industry experts are saying about the development of Single Pair Ethernet and Ethernet-APL technologies, along with …

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A look inside the machine gives an idea of the complexity and variety of the motion sequences, right up to the XTS system (foreground).

EtherCAT technology and applications update

Ethernet for Control Automation Technology (EtherCAT) is a real-time Industrial Ethernet technology. An update from industry experts reveals …

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In process automation, many plants are equipped with 4-20 mA with HART or fieldbus installations. Both solutions have limited transmission speed and need conversion to be integrated into upper layers of the automation pyramid.

Single Pair Ethernet and Ethernet-APL moving ahead

Industry experts provide their perspective on the development of Single Pair Ethernet and Ethernet-APL. Learn about the potential …

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Seamless Ethernet connectivity with Ethernet-APL in process automation.

Ethernet-APL: Optimizing Process Automation with Actionable Insights

Ethernet-APL (advanced physical layer) specifies the details of the application of Ethernet communication to sensors and actuators for …

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Ethernet-APL to the Field

Ethernet for process automation using Ethernet-APL two-wire technology

Ethernet-APL (Advanced Physical Layer) provides a combination of ease of adoption, seamless integration, simplified installation, greater range and …

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The slogan “From the sensor to the cloud” will become a reality with Single Pair Ethernet.

Single Pair Ethernet – when will it have its big breakthrough?

The intensive prototype phase for SPE got underway quite some time ago. PHYs, cables, and connectors are available …

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Functional Principle: EtherCAT devices insert data and extract data on the fly within the same Ethernet frame

EtherCAT in Space Robotics

The space industry is increasingly taking the approach that what has been successfully proved on Earth can also …

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