Transportation Trains

TSN in the railway sector: why, what and how?

The railway sector has evolved from serial Train Communication Networks to Ethernet-based solutions. But the lack of real-time …

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Smart window onboard ORLYVAL Service SA shuttle. Picture credit: RATP Group

Data communications technology supports passenger train displays

Compact Ethernet switches from Westermo connect innovative LCD train windows displaying passenger information.

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The automotive sector is an early adopter of innovative technologies among manufacturing industries.

Optimal network solutions for automotive manufacturing

The automotive industry has continually pioneered new manufacturing and assembly processes, driving the adoption of key innovative technologies …

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City of Denver

City of Denver transforms traffic control network

The ability to offer a robust, easy-to-use solution that could meet the needs of today and scale to …

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operator at HMI

Numerous tools on one platform save time and money

A manufacturer of precision machined aluminum die castings and subassemblies reduced costs and raised efficiency by implementing an …

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Bild2 3

Supporting a sustainable mode of transportation

A modern radiolocation solution helps the operator of the subways in Oslo, Norway to provide a high-performance and …

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Automotive manufacturing

Cybersecurity challenges in discrete manufacturing

Network, cybersecurity, and automation control professionals in discrete manufacturing and similar operations can work to optimize profitability with …

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The new flexible conveyance system at Fiat Chrysler is ergonomically friendly for employee operators, and can be quickly adapted to new model changes.

Fiat Chrysler conveyance system boosts production flexibility

A new conveyance system at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles utilizes a Compact GuardLogix controller, paired with an industrial hotspot …

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